Cosplay Blog Milestone Giveaway :D

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Cosplay Blog Milestone Giveaway :D

Postby xylofunk » Thu Mar 29, 2012 8:07 pm

Yo people!
Our cosplay blog, <<Cosplay-Vania>>, just hit 5000 views recently! :o

In honor of this milestone, we having a giveaway contest. The details of the giveaway can be found <<here>>.

Anyways, I hope you ACP/ACE/ACS goers enjoy our blog. Thanks! :D
\[OwO]/ [/OwO]/ \[OwO]/ \[OwO\] \[OwO]/

Please visit our awesome cosplay blog! Just click here!

Thanks everyone!

\[OwO]/ [/OwO]/ \[OwO]/ \[OwO\] \[OwO]/

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