May/June Contest - Rozen Maiden

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May/June Contest - Rozen Maiden

Post by Genjitsu » Tue May 01, 2007 11:19 am

Rozen Maiden will be this month's contest - you can read my thoughts about it as well as the prizes on the main page

And here's a copy of the rules:

1. This contest is open to both MALES and FEMALES, and you must be a registered member of ACP.
2. Entries must be from Rozen Maiden, Rozen Maiden Traumend, Rozen Maiden Overture, and the official manga.
3. Entries will be accepted through e-mail ONLY. THE SUBJECT LINE MUST READ - [ACP] Rozen Maiden Contest Entry
4. In your e-mail, you must include: Your username, character, any comments about your costume, and pictures.
5. YOU MUST PROVIDE A REFERENCE PICTURE FROM OFFICIAL ARTWORK. Entries based off fanart aren't allowed.
6. Pictures must be attached to the e-mail - NO LINKS PLEASE.
7. Up to 5 pictures per costume, and only 2 costumes per person maximum!
8. Entries will be accepted until JUNE 6 Voting will take place for one week, and winners will be announced on JUNE 13.
9. You cannot enter as a group - this is an individual contest.
10. Mail all entries to ROZENMAIDEN@ACPARADISE.COM

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