Katsucon 2011 Press Release

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Katsucon 2011 Press Release

Post by waynekaa » Mon Feb 14, 2011 7:29 am

ACParadise takes you to Eden of the East after Vampire Panty Summer Wars with Marvel vs Capcom!

State of the NEET at the Washington Monument - Friday, 4:00 PM

Got some free time on Friday? Join us at the Washington Monument as we have Takizawa Akira from Eden of the East deliver an uplifting (in many ways) and motivational speech to all NEETs everywhere! ACP Cosplayers will be on-site to greet any fans hardcore enough to be there with complete DVD box sets and other prizes. Plus, you may get a chance to see some hot cosplayers waging the WAR AGAINST PANTS!

Be sure to attend the screenings for the Eden of the East movies this weekend
Air Communication
Friday 7:00 PM Video Room 4
King of Eden
Saturday 1:45 PM Video Room 4

The Hunt for the Selecao Continues! (Going on all weekend, FUNimation Booth)

The Hide and Seek Selecao Game was a smashing success at Anime Expo, but many east coasters were sad that they couldn't join in. Well, fear not, we're bringing it to Katsucon! The Selecao will be plotting all sorts of schemes, and it's your job to intercept them at Katsucon to win some great prizes! Complete rules will be available at the FUNimation booth, so stop by to play! If you want to get a head start, be sure to follow them on Twitter:


Marvel vs Capcom 3 Gathering - Friday, 7:00 PM Fountains

ACP will be helping host a Marvel vs Capcom gathering, in celebration of the release of Marvel vs Capcom 3! Marvel staff will be on hand to photograph the epic battles, so be sure to come by to see which side will win! And if you will have a Marvel or Capcom outfit, be sure to add yourself to our event list:


Teach Me, Koi Koi Lady! Summer Wars Hanafuda Tutorial - Saturday,11:00 AM FUNimation Booth

ACP will be offering attendees a tutorial in Hanafuda, the traditional card game that was featured in Summer Wars. You will be schooled by the lovely Natsuki! Stop by the FUNimation booth to learn how to play!

Attend a screening of the movie and put those skills to use!
Saturday 5:00 PM Video Room 4
Rosario and Vampire - Friday, 9:30 PM Video Room 4
There's another chance at Saturday, 9:00 AM Video Room 4

Saturday, 9:00 PM
There will be a Q&A session with the cast of Rosario. Ask them if the DVD will have bat sensors! Or just ask Todd about his sweatpants of justice.

For full details: http://acparadise.livejournal.com/118881.html
Wayne of AGSMA

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