Pretear/Princess Tutu Play for Cosplayer's of Va

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Pretear/Princess Tutu Play for Cosplayer's of Va

Post by Timothy McKann » Mon Jul 21, 2014 1:46 pm

Hello folks,this is Timothy McKann,and I'm putting together a Pretear/Princess Tutu play for cosplayer's in Va. I've written a script for play and here is what it looks like:

Pretear and Princess Tutu Christmas Play:

Written By Timothy McKann

Narrator: Once upon a time,there were two worlds. One was protected by a group of knights who were the protectors of their world and their Princess. The other world was protected by a prince,and a knight. But however,a calamity occured and the worlds were covered in darkness. What caused the worlds to be in the darkness? The mystery has begun.

(Morning Grace plays,and Princess Tutu enters,and starts to dance)
(Princess Tutu exits after song)

(White Destiny plays,and Pretear and Leafe Knights appears)
(Characters exits after song is finished)

(Drosselmeyer appears)

Drosselmeyer: Welcome Boys and Girls,come and gather around for a story you are about to hear. The story is a love story about a Prince,and a beautiful Princess of the forest who appears in a flash of light. And of course,the other story about a group of knights,and their princess. So for now, let us begin our story. (Drosselmeyer exits)

(Act 1: Scene 1,Mytho's World)

(Mytho,and Fakir enters)

Fakir: Prince Mytho.

Mytho: What is it,Fakir?

Fakir: We have to head back to the kingdom at once,and give a report to your mother and father.

Mytho: I understand Fakir, but could you go back for me,and give them the report? I'm gonna check the forest for anything.

Fakir: Very well,but please don't go to far.

Mytho: Thank you Fakir.

(Fakir exits)

(Scene 2, The Ice Crystal forest)

Mytho: Oh my! This is some forest,and this place is covered in Ice and Snow.

????: Who is there?

Mytho: I thought I heard a voice just now. Who is calling me?

(Mytho draws his sword)

????: I am no enemy, so please put away your sword.

(Mytho puts away his sword)

Mytho: Where are you?

????: I will be at the ice covered lake.

Mytho: Okay,I'm coming over there now.

(Mytho arrives at the lake)

(Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy plays,and Princess Tutu appears)

Mytho: Oh my,you are very beautiful.

Princess Tutu: Why thank you. So please,come dance with me.

Mytho: Okay.

(Mytho and Princess Tutu began to dance)

Mytho: So tell me. (As he was dancing with Tutu) What is your name?

Princess Tutu: I'm Princess Tutu. What is your name?

Mytho: I'm Prince Mytho.

Princess Tutu: Well my Prince,I'm glad that someone has come to see me. I hope well see each other again.

Mytho: Yes, we shall. I really loved your dancing.


Mytho: It's Fakir,I have to go. Let's meet again.

Princess Tutu: Okay,goodbye for now.

(Mytho exits)

Princess Tutu: He was a nice person,I would love to meet him again.

(Miss Edel,and Uzura enters)

Miss Edel: Hello Princess Tutu!

Princess Tutu: Miss Edel,and Uzura. How are you?

Uzura: Are you in love with the Prince,zura?

Princess Tutu: He is a nice person,and I may have fallen in love with him.

(Drosselmeyer enters)

Drosselmeyer: Oh my! You do have feelings for him? It's so nice!

Princess Tutu: Mr.Drosselmeyer,what brings you here?

Drosselmeyer: I needed to talk to you about something.

Princess Tutu: What is it?

Drosselmeyer: There is an evil queen of Darkness and she is leading an army of crows,and of course Princess Kraehe is joining forces with her.

Princess Tutu: What is her objective? Isn't there anything thing we can do?

Drosselmeyer: I'm afraid there is nothing we can do. But now,the queen is heading for Leafenia to capture the Princess of White Snow.

(Princess Tutu,Miss Edel,Uzura,and Drosselmeyer exits)

(Scene 3,Leafenia Castle)

Sasame: Hayate.

Hayate: What is it Sasame?

Sasame: The sky is covered with crows,and they are heading this way.

Hayate: Have all the Leafe knights assemble.Hajime,Mannen,Shin,Goh,Kei.

(The remaining Knights appear)

Goh: What is it,Hayate?

Hayate: We mustn't let those crows in the castle. Goh,you and Kei are with me and Sasame.

Mannen: Hey Hayate,what about us?

Goh: This job is for the grownups,not kids.

Mannen: So what are we suppose to do?

Goh: Your job is to protect the Pretear from the crows.

Mannen: Okay,we'll do it for you.Shin,Hajime,let's go.

(Mannen,Hajime,Shin exits)

Hayate: Okay everyone,we must protect the Pretear with our lives. So attack.

(The Leafe Knights attacks,and two shadows past them)

Kei: Oh no!

Hayate: What is it Kei?

Kei: A pair of shadows has passed through. And I have a feeling they're heading toward the throne room.

Goh: So the crows were a distraction? We got to get to the throne room.

Hayate: Sasame and I can handle things here. You,and Kei get to the throne room.

(Kei,and Goh exits)

(Scene 4,The Throne Room)

Shin: Beyondios.

(Shin creates the containment field to keep the crows out,but the two shadows took out the barrier,and reveled themselves)

Mannen: Who are you?

Princess Kraehe: I'm Princess Kraehe,and this is the Queen of Darkness.

Queen of Darkness: And we have come to take your Princess away.

Mannen: You'll have to get pass me first. Arcubus of Ice.

(Princess Kraehe spins around,and blocks the attack)

Mannen: She blocked it. Princess Himeno,RUN.

(Himeno runs to the Door,but the queen blocks her way)

Queen of Darkness: You're going nowhere,girl.

(Two crows tie her up)

Himeno: Help me,Hayate.

Queen of Darkness: This will put you to sleep.

(The queen uses a sleep mist,and puts Himeno to sleep)

(Goh,and Kei enters)

Goh: Oh no,they got Himeno. Step back,I'll take them out.

Kei: Wait Goh,if you use your fire,you'll hit our princess.

Queen of Darkness: We've got what we came for,let us be on our way!

(Kraehe,Queen of Darkness,Crows exits)

(Hayate,and Sasame enters)

Hayate: Oh no,we're too late.

Mannen: Hayate,we failed to protect Himeno,and now they got her. Goh,everyone,we're sorry.

Goh: You did the best you could,but don't worry.We'll get her back.

Mannen: But I learned her next target is a Ballerina Princess.

Hayate: We have to go after her. So everybody,let's go.

(Leafe Knights exits)

(Scene 5,Mytho's World,The Castle)

(The King,and Queen,and Mytho enters)

Mytho: Father,I need to talk to you!

King: What is it my son?

Mytho: I know you and Mother are forcing me to get married. But none of the girls aren't to my likings.

King: Is there someone else you're in love with?

Mytho: Yes. And I have met her in the Ice Crystal Forest,and she was very beautiful.

King: I see. So you like this girl?

Mytho: Yes,and I want to invite her to the Ball.

King: But Mytho-

Queen: Let him do what he wants. This is his decision,and we must respect it.

King: I guess we have no choice. Mytho,you may invite her,and give her this invitation.

(The King hands Mytho an Invitation)

Mytho: Thank you father.

(Mytho exits)

(Fakir enters)

Fakir: Your Majesty,where is Mytho going?

King: He is going to see someone.

Fakir: Would it be okay for me to acompany him?

King: That won't be necessary.He can take care of himself.

Fakir: I see,well I'll be returning to my chambers.

(Fakir exits)

Queen: Was it wise to send Mytho off by himself to see this Girl?

King: My Dear,Mytho knows what he's doing,so we should trust him.

Queen: I see.

(Guard runs in the room)

Guard: Your Majesty,we have an emergency.

King: What is it?

Guard: The kingdom of Leafenia was attacked by an army of crows,and an evil queen has captured the
Princess,and they will be heading here next.

King: Then we better have our guards on High Alert. They may invade on the night of the ball.

Guard: All right,I'll let the captain know.

(Guard exits)

Queen: Do you believe that the crows are coming?

King: My dear,we will never let anything bad happen on the night of the ball.

(King,and Queen exits)

(Scene 6,The Ice Crystal Forest)

(Mytho enters)

Mytho: Princess Tutu,where art thou my Princess?

(Princess Tutu enters)

Princess Tutu: You have come my prince.

Mytho: I'm happy to see you again,Princess Tutu!

Princess Tutu: So what brings you out here?

Mytho: I have brought you something.(He gives her the invitation)

Princess Tutu: What is this?

Mytho: It's an invitation to the Royal Ball. Would you like to go?

Princess Tutu: You're inviting me to the ball? I would love to attend.

(Miss Edel,Uzura,and Drosselmeyer enters)

Uzura: Are you the prince zura?

Mytho: Why yes,I am.

Uzura: Wow, (Beats the drum)Tutu and the Prince are lovey dovey,lovey dovey,lovey dovey.

Miss Edel: Now Uzura,you mustn't get carried away.

Uzura: I'm sorry Mama,zura.

Mytho: So,who is she?

Miss Edel: She is my daughter. Now Uzura,why don't you run along and play.

Uzura: Okay mama,zura.

(Uzura exits)

Drosselmeyer: So,you must be the Prince who likes Princess Tutu?

Mytho: Yes,and I really love her. And I would like to take her to the Ball,if it is okay with you?

Drosselmeyer: That would be a good idea. I would like to visit the king as well,it has been a while since my

last visit to the kingdom.

Miss Edel: I will go as well. And Uzura can come too. We have a gift for the king and queen.

Mytho: Okay then, you can all come. I'll let my mother and father know. See you all later.

Princess Tutu: A Ball. I’ve never been to one before. I wonder what it’s like, I feel like I’m in a beautiful dream.

And I’m dancing with the Prince.

(The song”Once upon a December”,plays,and Tutu will sing while she dances)

(Mytho,Drosselmeyer,Edel,Tutu exits)

(Scene 7,The castle on the night of the ball)

(Waltz from Sleeping Beauty plays)

(Mytho,King,Queen,and Dancers enter)

King: Isn't it a beautiful night for a Ball?

Mytho: It's is Father,the Princess is coming,and you will really like her.

Queen: I wonder what this Princess Looks like.

(Royal Messenger apperars)

Royal Messenger appears: Now presenting,Lord Drosselmeyer,Miss Edel,and Uzura,and the beautiful Princess Tutu.

(Drosselmeyer,Miss Edel,Uzura,and Princess Tutu enters)

(Royal Messenger exits)

Princess Tutu: Hello,my Prince. I have arrived.

Mytho: You have come,Princess Tutu.

Princess Tutu: I told you, I would come.

Mytho: Would you like to dance with me?

Princess Tutu: It would be an honor.

Drosselmeyer: Okay,everybody. The Prince and Princess will have their first dance.

(The song"Our World",plays) Note: Mytho, and Princess Tutu will be singing while they dance.

(Princess Tutu:) I can no longer hold it back My heart is filled with love. The feeling of love for you.

(Mytho:) I can feel your precious heart Holding your hand in mine, I feel the special love, we have.

(Princess Tutu:) Is it just a fantasy?

(Mytho:) It's not a fantasy

(Princess Tutu) Are we dancing in a dream?

(Mytho) It's not a dream

(Princess Tutu:) I never ever want to wake up from the sweet sweet dream

(Together)It's our world Our love is everywhere

(Mytho:) To the sky, our hearts will soar above

(Princess Tutu:) Our hearts will soar above It's our world Our love is everywhere

(Mytho:) Our love is everywhere

(Together) We can fly, together on the wings of love It's a wonderful feeling being in love with you

(Princess Tutu:) Please never go

(Mytho:) I'll always stay

(Together) I never want to stop dancing with you This is our world, and I never ever want to let you go

Princess Tutu: I love you,my Prince.

Mytho: I love you too,Princess Tutu.

(The song ends,and everybody applause)

King: That was beautiful. She is a very good dancer.

Queen: I agree with you dear. It looks like our son has chosen someone to marry.

(Everybody exits)

(Scene 8,The Balcony)

(Princess Tutu,and Mytho enter)

Princess Tutu: The stars are pretty tonight,aren't they?

Mytho: Yes,they are,Tutu.But there is one star that I love.

Princess Tutu: Who is that?

Mytho: It's you. I have one question for you. Will you be my Princess?

Princess Tutu: Well, I-

(Guard rushing to Mytho,and Tutu)

Guard: Lord Mytho,you must come quick.

Mytho: What's the matter?

Guard: We have an intruder in the Ball room,and everybody has fallen asleep.

Mytho: Okay,I'm going there right away. Tutu ,you must stay out here.

Princess Tutu: I want to come with you.

Mytho: No Tutu, I want you to be safe. So please, stay out here.

Princess Tutu: Okay my Prince.

Mytho: I promise,I'll be back.

(Princess Tutu,Mytho,and Guard exits)

(Scene 9,The Ballroom)

(Mytho enters the Ballroom,and everybody is asleep)

Mytho: Who has done this?

???: That would be me!

Mytho: Who's there? (Mytho draws a sword)

(The Queen of Darkness appears from behind the curtains)

Mytho: So this was your doing?

???: And mine as well!

(Princess Kraehe appears from the air as she twirls)

Queen of Darkness: I am the Queen of Darkness,and I am searching for the Princess.

Princess Kraehe: And I'm Princess Kraehe, the crow princess, and Prima Ballerina.

Mytho: Why did you put all these people to sleep?

Queen of Darkness: We were searching for the Princess, and none of these women were it.

Mytho: You'll pay for this! (Mytho prepares to attack the Queen with his sword)

Queen of Darkness: Fool,your pathetic sword is no match for me. (The Queen creates a barrier around her,and blocks Mytho's attack,and Mytho gets knocked back). Now prepare to say goodbye!

????: I don't think so.

Queen of Darkness: Who said that?

(Leafe Knights enter)

Hayate: Return the Princess to us, and we will let you live.

Queen of Darkness: How did you know where I was?

Sasami: As the knight of sound, I can hear anything from far away.

Hayate: If you don’t give us back the Princess, we have no choice but to fight you.

Queen of Darkness: Okay then, now my crow army, ATTACK!

Goh: Shin,now!

Shin: Beyondios!

(Shin puts up the containment field)

Hayate: Now there will be no casualties! All Knights, ATTACK!

Mytho: I will fight alongside with you.

Hayate: Ok then,but be careful.

Mytho: Ok!

(The Leafe Knights,along with Mytho battle the crow army,and the wicked queen.But suddenly,Princess Tutu enters to see what was going on)

Queen of Darkness: There's the girl.CAPTURE HER!

Mytho: Girl. (He looks at Tutu) Tutu,RUN. She is coming after you.

Princess Tutu: Oh no!

(Princess Kraehe blocks her escape,and she grabs her,and takes her to the queen)

Mannen: Oh no! Kraehe has capture her. I'll put her on ice.

Goh: No Mannen. If you freeze her, you’ll put the princess on ice as well.

Princess Tutu: Mytho help!

Queen of Darkness: Now to put you to sleep my pretty Princess! (The Queen uses the sleep mist, and puts Tutu to sleep)

Mytho: TUTU!

Queen of Darkness: We have your princess, along with the Pretear. If you ever want to see them again,come to the dark island,if you dare.

(The queen of darkness,Princess Kraehe,and the crows disappear)

Mytho: TUTU,NO!

(Mytho kneeled down on his knees and cried all night until the sun came up)

(Fakir,the king and queen, enters)

Fakir: Mytho,what’s wrong. What happended here?

Mytho: The crows, and an evil queen have taken Princess Tutu,I failed to protect her.

Fakir: I see.

Mytho: Father, Mother. I have decided to go to the dark island and save Princess Tutu. Please let me do this.

King: I’m sorry my son, it’s too dangerous.

Myhto: I won’t be going alone, I’ll have the Laefe knights with me, and they will save their Princess as well.

King: Very well then, I guess there is no point in stopping you. Karon

(Karon enters)

Karon: Yes,my lord!

King: Is it ready?

Karon: Yes It is. (Karon gives a Mytho a sword) This is a very powerful sword that can protect you from the darkness. It was created by the blacksmith of Leafenia,and he told me to give it to the one who will wield it. So Mytho,this sword is for you.

Mytho: Thank you Karon. And now, mother and father,I will be off now.

King: Be careful out there son!

(Mytho,Fakir,King,Queen,and Karon exits)

(Scene 10,the Harbor)

(Mytho,the leafe knights enter)

Mytho: Is everyone all here?

Hayate: Everyone has assembled. We must depart right now.


Mytho: Fakir!

(Fakir enters)

Fakir: I’m coming with you.

Mytho: I see. But what about mother,and father?

Fakir: They will be fine. The troops are in place so that the crows won’t attack the second time.

Mytho: Okay then! Let’s set sail.

(The Leafe knights, along with Fakir,and Mytho boarded the ship,and set off for the dark island)

(They all exit)

(Curtain closes,and Drosselmeyer enters)

Drosselmeyer: So what did you think of the story so far,and will the Prince,and knights save their Princesses from the queens wrath? You will have to wait when the story continues. (Laughs)

(Drosselmeyer exits)

End of act 1.


(Act 2)

(Drosselmeyer enters)

Drosselmeyer: Welcome to the second part of our story, let me give you all a review on what happened so far. The story starts off as the young prince meets a beautiful Ballerina princess named Princess Tutu in the crystal forest, and also an evil queen along with Princess Kraehe kidnapped the beautiful princess of Leafenia. But on the night of the ball ,the queens strikes again, and the Leafe Knights along with the prince battle fiercely to stop her. But Princess Tutu saw the battle, and was captured by the queen, and now the Leafe Knights, and the prince must travel to the dark island to save the princesses. And now let us continue with the story.

(Drosselmeyer exits)

(Scene 1,The queen’s castle throne room)

(The Queen of Darkness enters and the 2 princesses are trapped in giant ice orbs)

Queen of Darkness: Welcome to my castle, my pretty princesses. Did you enjoy your sleep?

Princess Tutu: What do you want with us? Let us go!

Queen of Darkness: I cannot do that!

Himeno: Why not? You can’t do this to us.

Queen of Darkness: Once I drain the power out of both of you. I will cover the 2 worlds into darkness.

Himeno: You’ll never get away with this. Hayate, and the others will save us, and stop you evil ambitions.

Queen of Darkness: Oh really! Princess Kraehe.

(Princess Kraehe enters)

Kraehe: Yes my queen!

Queen of Darkness: Summon the Ghost Knight!


(The Ghost Knight enters)
Ghost Knight: What is your order my queen?

Queen of Darkness: You are to go into the forest, and prepare to attack the Leafe Knights, and the Prince once they arrive.

Ghost Knight: At once, I will also need a demon larva.

Queen of Darkness: You shall have one. Now go!

Ghost Knight: I shall.

(Ghost Knight exits)

Queen of Darkness: And now Princess Kraehe, we shall wait for those fools to encounter my Ghost Knight. Let us go!

Kraehe: Yes, my queen! And we deal with you two later!

(Queen of Darkness, and Kraehe exits)

(Himeno starts to cry)

Princess Tutu: Princess Himeno, are you okay?

Himeno: (Sadly) I can’t believe we have been captured, and what will happen to both of our worlds?

Princess Tutu: Don’t worry, we have someone coming to save us. And you have to have true courage.

(The song ”True Courage” will be sung by both Princesses)

(After the song ends, both Princesses exit)

(Scene 2, the ship, nighttime)

(Leafe Knights, and Mytho enters)

Goh: We should reach the island by morning. And once we get there, we should come up with a plan.

Kei: I agree with you Goh. We should split up into 2 groups.

Fakir: I agree!

(Fakir enters)

Mytho: Fakir!

Fakir: Here is my plan. Hajime, Mannen, and Shin will go with me. And the rest of you will go with Mytho.

Hayate: I think we should send Goh along with you , and the rest of us should go with Mytho!

Goh: I believe you’re right, Hayate! And we’ll keep Mannen,Hajime, and Shin out of trouble.

Mannen: Hey, why can’t we go with Mytho, and the others?

Goh: Listen Mannen,it’s much too dangerous, and this is only for the grownups. But, I’ll be with you guys along with Fakir.

Mannen: Okay Goh, you win!

Goh: Thank you! I think you kids need to go to bed now. You need to save your strength for tomorrow’s battle once we get to the island.

Mannen: Okay, good night everyone!

(Hajime,Mannen,and Shin exits)

Mytho: Hayate.

Hayate: Yes.

Mytho: Can I talk to you alone?

Hayate: Of course!

Sasame: We’re going to get some sleep as well. See you in the morning Hayate!

(Sasame,Kei,Goh exits)

Mytho: Hayate, can you tell me about your princess?

Hayate: Of course! When we first met Himeno in her world, it was the same time that the “Princess of Disaster”, escape to her world trying to steal the Leafe,and put the world into darkness. We have battled a lot of the demon larva that came into her world, and she has preting with each of us. Even in the final battle, she managed to turn herself into the white pretear, and use all the leafe to stop the Great Tree of Fenril. When Himeno decided to leave her family, and become our princess, we took a solemn oath to protect her.

Mytho: I see. I know your princess is very important, and it’s your sworn duty to protect her. Thanks for telling me this!

Hayate: Anytime, but we did discover one thing about the queen.

Mytho: What is that?

Hayate: She had a Circlet with a dark crystal on it. And that may be her weak spot.

Mytho: If we can get it off her, then the darkness would lift. Well Hayate,let us go get some sleep, and prepare for tomorrow. Good Night!

Hayate: Good Night!

(Hayate,and Mytho exits)

(Scene 3 The Ship, in a morning fog)

(Fakir, Mytho, and the Knights enter)

Sasame: Hayate,everyone!

Hayate: What is it Sasame?

Sasame: This fog is hard to see through. Hayate,maybe your wind could blow this fog away so we can get through.

Hayate: I'll give it a try. (Hayate uses his wind power to blow some of the fog away.But however,the fog returns)

Goh: Darn,the fog is getting more thick.

Kei: Everyone,something approaching from the sky.

Mytho: It's too late to turn the ship around. EVERYONE,ABBANDON SHIP!!

(Mytho,Fakir,and the knights fly away,and the ship was destroyed)

(Leafe Knights,Mytho,Fakir exits)

(Scene 4,The Queen's Castle Throne room)

(The Queen,Kraehe,and the Princesses enter)

Queen of Darkness: At last,we've done it. So much for the Leafe Knights,and those other fools.

Kraehe: My queen,it's looks like they escaped from the ship.

Queen of Darkness: WHAT! THOSE FOOLS ESCAPE! Well,it looks like I underestimate them. But the Ghost knight will deal with them.

Princess Tutu: You can't do that.

Queen of Darkness: You have no say in this my little princess. But tonight,you and the other princess will have your power taken away,and the worlds will fall into the darkness.

Princess Tutu: That will not happen. Mytho,Fakir,and the Leafe Knights will save us.

Queen of Darkness: Is that so?Come Kraehe,let us leave these princesses to their final hours.We will be back later to drain your power.

(Queen of Darkness,and Kraehe exits)

Himeno: Princess Tutu!

Princess Tutu: Yes Himeno.

Himeno: Would you tell me about yourself,and where you came from?

Princess Tutu: I will. I spend my life in an icy crystal forest. I didn't have any family. Drosselmeyer,Miss Edel,and Uzura were like a family to me. And then,I met Mytho,and he enjoyed my dancing,and I have feelings for him.

Himeno: That's truly magical, you know when I became Princess of Leafenia,the leafe knights were my protectors.I did have feelings for one knight,but in due time,I will tell him that I love him. But I do believe they will come and save us.

Princess Tutu: Yes,let us believe in them.

(Princess Tutu and Himeno exits)

(Scene 5, The Beach)

(Mytho,Fakir,and the Knights enter)

Hayate: Is everyone all here?

Goh: Yes Hayate. I'm glad we got away before we were almost finished. But now with the ship destroyed,how are we ever going to get back to the Kingdom?

Hayate: We will figure that out once we save the Princesses. But now,we will split up into the 2 groups as we planned. Mytho,Sasame,Kei,and myself will be one group,and the rest of you will be the other group.

Kei: And if we get to the castle,we will use our leafe to signal you.

Goh: Okay Kei,alright guys,let's get going.

Mannen: Right Goh,I hope we do save the Princesses. I want to get revenge on that Raven Princess,and put her on ice.

Goh: Now don't get carried away,Mannen.

Mannen: Right Goh.

(The Leafe Knights,Mytho,and Fakir exits)

(Scene 6, The East Forest)

(Fakir,and the Knights enter)

Fakir: Everyone,stay on your guard.

Mannen: Do you sense something Fakir?

Fakir: I hear something approaching,and I thinks it's the sound of a horse galloping.

Goh: Okay everybody,prepare for battle.Shin,when the enemy appears,use the cointainment field so the enemy won't escape.Hajime,use water on the ground,and Mannen,freeze the water,and Fakir will strike him down.

Fakir: Okay,here he comes.

(The Ghost Knight enters)

Ghost Knight: I am the ghost knight,and by orders of my queen,I will make sure you will never reach the castle,and save your princesses.

Goh: Shin,NOW!

Shin: Beyondios!

(Shin puts up the containment field)

Goh: Okay Hajime,use your water on the ground.

Hajime: I'm on it,Goh!

(Hajime uses his water power on the ground)

Mannen: And now,it's my turn. Arcubus of Ice.

(Mannen freeze the water on the ground,and the Ghost Knight Horse starts to slip,and the Knight Falls off)

Fakir: All right,I shall be the one to fight you.

(Fakir,and the Ghost Knight clash in a sword fight. While they were fighting Goh sees something on the back of the Ghost Knight's neck)

Goh: Fakir,try to get behind him.There is something on the back of his neck that's controlling him.I'll cover you.

Fakir: Got it,Goh.

Goh: Ghost Knight,you'll have to fight me now. Have a taste of my fire.

(The Ghost Knight goes toward Goh,and Fakir gets behind the Ghost Knight and aim his sword at the object on his neck and destroys it. The Armor of the Ghost Knight falls off,and reveals a Prince)

Prince: Huh? What happended to me?How did I get here? Were you the ones that broke the spell?

Fakir: Yes.

Prince: I am so glad. How can I ever repay you?

Goh: Maybe you can help us.We're trying to get to the Queen's Castle to save the Princesses.

Prince: The Queen of Darkness,please you must help her. A magic Circlet is controlling her,she was a Princess that I was going to marry when I returned from my journey.

Mannen: We have to let Mytho,and the others know. Come on,let's get going.

(Fakir,The Leafe Knights,and the Prince exits)

(Scene 7,The West Forest)

(Mytho,Hayate,Sasame,and Kei enter)

Hayate: Sasame,how much further until we get to the castle?

Sasame: Not very far Hayate. Once we're out of the forest,we should be able to see the castle.

Kei: Guys,I can sense something up ahead.Better prepare ourselves.

(The Knights and Mytho reach the end of the forest,and encounter a Raven Demon Larva)

Hayate: It's a Demon Larva,in a form of a Raven. Be careful everyone. The only way to defeat it is aim for the core.Mytho,use the Leafe sword to smash the core once we give you the signal.

Mytho: Got it,Hayate.

Hayate: Okay everyone,ATTACK!

(The Leafe Knights attack the Demon Larva. Mytho is waiting for the signal to strike. Hayate uses his wind power to bring the Demon Larva down. Suddenly,he senses the Core on the top of the Demon Larva head)

Kei: Okay Mytho, now is your time to strike. Do it now.

Mytho: You got it. (Mytho pulls out the Leafe Sword,and charges at the Demon Larva) Evil Demon Larva,begone.

(Mytho drives the sword into the core,and the Demon Larva was destroyed)

Sasame: We finally did it. Is everyone okay?

Hayate: I'm okay,what about you,Kei?

Kei: I'm perfectly fine.

Hayate: I'm glad we got through it. Mytho,you've done very well.

Mytho: Thanks Hayate. And look,we're at the castle gates.Let's signal the others. Shine the light.

(Mytho,and the Knights exit)

(Scene 8, The Queen's Castle Throne Room)

(Queen of Darkness,and Princess Kraehe enters)

Princess Kraehe: My queen.

Queen of Darkness: What is it,Kraehe?

Princess Kraehe: The Leafe Knights,and those 2 other knights managed to defeat the Ghost Knight,and the Demon Larva and they are close to the Castle.

Queen of Darkness: WHAT,they got through my forces.Well,the time has come for the sacrifices of the 2 Princesses.Bring them in.

(Princess Tutu,and Himeno with 2 crow guards enter)

Queen of Darkness: Well my dear pretty princesses.The time is now at hand when I steal the power out of both of you. And those fools who are trying to save you will be arriving to watch your powers begone.

Princess Kraehe: Wait a minute,what about me?

Queen of Darkness: You have served your purpose,I don't need you anymore.

Princess Kraehe: How could you? You used me all this time.You'll never get away with this.

(Princess Kraehe exits)

Queen of Darkness: (To the crow guards) Let her go,we don't need her anymore. Once the moon is at it's peak,we will begin.

(The Princesses and the Queen of Darkness,and crow guards exits)

(Scene 9,Outside the Castle Gates)

(Mytho,Hayate,Sasame,and Kei enter)

Hayate: Now,we must plan our strategy. Kei,shine you light to let the others know we have arrive.

Kei: I've already have. They are on their way.

(Fakir,the Prince,and the other knights enter)

Goh: We got here as fast as we could.

Sasame: Who is that person?

Fakir: He is a prince for this Kingdom. He is trying to save his Princess who is under a spell by a magic Circlet.

Mannen: And we have to destroy it so she can be free.

Mytho: You mean that the Princess of this Kingdom is the Queen of Darkness?

Prince: That's right.You must save her.

Mytho: We will do what we can to save her. Maybe the Leafe sword has the power to shattered the circlet.

Fakir: Guys,something coming from above.

(Princess Kraehe enter)

Mannen: It's that crow Princess,I'll put her on ice.

Goh: Wait Mannen,I don't think we should attack. Have you come to surrender,or fight?

Princess Kraehe: You must help me.

Fakir: How should we? After what you did,and you captured the Princesses,and destroyed our ship. I'll kill you evil raven.

Mytho: Wait Fakir. Let's not do that. Okay Kraehe,what is the Queen planning to do with the Princesses?

Princess Kraehe: She is going to steal their powers,and cover the worlds in Darkness.

Hayate: We must stop her,no matter the cost.

Princess Kraehe: You must hurry,in a half an hour. The moon will reach it's peak,and she will perform the ceremony to sacrifice.

Fakir: All right everyone. Let's go.

(All exit)

(Scene 10,The Queen of Darkness's castle throne room)

(Queen of Darkness,Himeno,and Princess Tutu enter)

Queen of Darkness: The time is finally at hand. Once your powers are gone,you will both fall in a deep sleep for all eternity.

Mytho: That's not going to happen.

Queen of Darkness: What?

(Mytho,Fakir,and the Leafe Knights enter)

(Salva Nos Plays)

Queen of Darkness: You finally arrived to see your pretty princesses fall into a deep sleep. And when I'm done with them,you will be next. And now,my crows,ATTACK.

Hayate: Let's go everyone. Shin,the containment field,NOW!

Shin: Beyondios!

(The Containment was created and the Knights,Fakir,and Mytho battle the crows)

Fakir: Mytho,you must stop the queen. We'll handle the crows.

Mytho: Okay Fakir.

(Mytho leaves the others to battle the crows and prepares to battle the Queen)

Queen of Darkness: Well,looks likes you'll be the first to die.

Mytho: Release the Princesses.

Queen of Darkness: Never,any minute now,their powers will be mine.

Mytho: Leafe knights,you must send me some of your powers into the Leafe Sword.

Hayate: All right,everyone channel your leafe into the blade.

(The Leafe Knight send their power right into the blade of the Leafe sword)

Mytho: Now that I have the powers of the Leafe Knight.Your evilness will end.

(Princess Kraehe enters)

Princess Kraehe: And I'll take that Circlet so you will never do no more evil.(Princess Kraehe grabs the Circlet off the Queen's head)Mytho,you must destroy this Circlet with your sword.

(Mytho destroys the Circlet with his sword)

Queen of Darkness: My powers,they're all gone.

(The Queen of Darkness falls to the ground,and suddenly she becomes a Princess in a beautiful white ball gown.And Princess Tutu,and Himeno's binds magically disappear)

Princess Tutu: Who are you?

Princess: I am the Winter Princess of this Kingdom,and I was under the spell of that Magic Circlet. I do apologize for all that I did.

Mytho: Princess,there is someone who has returned to you.You may come in now.

(Prince enters)

Prince: My love!

Princess: You kept your promise.

(The Prince and Princess hug each other)

Prince: Princess,I'm sorry that I have been gone for such a long time,I have a question that I want to ask you.

Princess: And what is it?

Prince:(He gets down on one knee) Will you marry me,and be my queen?

Princess: I will be honored to marry you,and together we will rule this Kingdom.

Mytho: And now,we have another problem. How are we going to get back to our kingdom?

Himeno: Allow me. We can use the door of light to get us back to your kingdom,Mytho.

Fakir: Mytho,I have decided to stay here for a while to help restore this kingdom.

Princess Kraehe: And I'm staying as well. Princess Tutu,and Mytho,I wish you both Happiness.

Princess Tutu: Thank you,Kraehe.

(Fakir,and Kraehe exit)

Himeno: Everyone,let us be on our way. Goodbye Prince and Princess,may you two also find true happiness.

(Himeno,Princess Tutu,Mytho,and the knights exit)

Prince: Godspeed to all you,and thanks again.

Princess: And we will never forget you.

(Prince and Princess exit)

(Scene 10,Mytho's Castle Throne Room)

(King and Queen enter)

King: I am worried about Mytho. It's been days since he went to save the Princesses with the knights.

Queen: We mustn't give up hope on our son.I'm sure he's all right.We must have faith in him.

(Karon enters)

Karon: My lord.

King: What is it Karon?

Karon: Your son,and the knights along with the Princesses have returned.

(Mytho,Princess Tutu,Himeno,and the knights enter)

Mytho: Father,we're back.

King: My son,I am glad you have returned.And you saved the Princesses with the help of the Leafe Knights.

Mytho: We all worked together to make this happen. And Father,I have decided on my Princess.

King: And who would that be?

Mytho: Princess Tutu.

Princess Tutu: You really want me to be your Princess?

Mytho: Yes,Tutu. Will you marry me?

Princess Tutu: I would be honored to be your Princess.

King: Then it's settled.Mytho,and Tutu will be wed. We will prepare the arrangements at once. I will invite Lord Drosselmeyer,Miss Edel,and Uzura to the wedding. And Princess Himeno,you and the knights are also invited.

Himeno: We would be honored to attend.

(All exit)

(Scene 11,Castle Throne Room,Nighttime)

(Mytho,the Knights,Himeno,Drosselmeyer,Uzura,King,Queen,Priest,and others enters)

King: We will now begin the ceremony.

(Miss Edel along with Princess Tutu enters. And Princess Tutu wear a beautiful dress with veil. And Mytho and Tutu walk to the Priest)

Priest: We are gathered here this evening to honor these 2 in holy Marriage. Prince Mytho,do you take Princess Tutu to be your wife?

Mytho: I do.

Priest: And Princess Tutu,do you take Prince Mytho to be your husband?

Princess Tutu: I do.

Priest: By the power invested in me,I now pronounce you,Husband and Wife,you may now kiss the bride.

Uzura:(Bangs on the Drum) Wow,Tutu and the Prince are lovey dovey,lovey dovey,lovey dovey.

Miss Edel: Now Uzura,don't get carried away.

Uzura: Yes Mama,zura.

Drosselmeyer: And now everyone,the Prince and Princess shall have their first dance.

(Morning Grace plays)

Mytho: Tutu,would you like with dance with me?

Princess Tutu: I would be honored to.

(Princess Tutu and Mytho begin to dance. Everyone exits once the song ends)

(Scene 12,The Balcony)

(Princess Tutu,Mytho,Himeno and the knights enter)

Mytho: Himeno,do you and the Knights have to go?

Himeno: Yes,we have to return to our kingdom. We have so much to do to restore our Kingdom.Thank you for everything.

Mytho: Anytime,Tutu and I will visit you once everything is back in order in Leafenia. Hayate,Knights,it was a real honor fighting along side with you.

Hayate: We were glad you choose to help us. Thanks for that. Goodbye,Mytho,and Princess Tutu.

Princess Tutu: Goodbye Himeno,and knights. We will all meet again.

Himeno and the Knights: Goodbye,you two.

(Himeno and the knights exits)

Princess Tutu: My Prince.I really love you.

Mytho: I love you too,Tutu.

(Princess Tutu,and Mytho kiss,and both exit)

(Final Scene,Closing)

(Drosselmeyer enters)

Drosselmeyer: And so our story ends,both Princesses were saved,and Princess Tutu and Mytho found true love at last. And everyone lived happily ever after,The End. Thank for all for enjoying a wonderful story.

(Drosselmeyer exits)

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Re: Pretear/Princess Tutu Play for Cosplayer's of Va

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The characters for the play are:

Pretear Characters:
Himeno,White Pretear

Princess Tutu Characters:
Princess Tutu
Miss Edel
Princess Kraehe
Ghost Knight

Queen of Darkness
Demon Larva
Prince,was once the Ghost Knight
Winter Princess,was the Queen of Darkness
King and Queen,Mytho Parents

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Re: Pretear/Princess Tutu Play for Cosplayer's of Va

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If you want to be in the play,please reply. And you may make ajustments to your lines if you want to,but please keep it clean. This play is a family friendly.

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