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ACP Revision Bug Reports in Pictures!

Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2012 3:41 pm
by Gwiffen
Awesome new layout, guys. I have just a few suggestions for improvements that would be swell if you implemented! <3

Firstly, you can't actually get to ACP from ACE with the drop down menu since ACP is already selected and you can't "reselect" it. I preferred the direct links of the old layout over the drop down menu. But I see you're addressing this now!

It's cool that our profiles show upcoming cons, but when you click on it then it takes you to an empty page. Because obviously, I haven't gone to the convention yet so I have no content in it. The only possible content would be if I designated a costume for that convention ahead of time, but honestly, the majority of users don't usually pre-designate. I would suggest just linking directly to the actual convention's page rather than the cosplayer's personal page for the convention.

New portraits for Acy and Ace are awesome! However, I'd rather not be taken to their "cosplayer" pages when I click on them. Usually, the top left corner of webpages is reserved for logos and such, and clicking them should take you to the top page, so the ACP or ACE home pages in this case.

And lastly, this one is a minor thing, but I think it would look better if the daily ranked cosplayers were in two columns of five to fill out the space.

That's it for now! Really appreciate all the hard work you put into this site. :)

Re: ACP Beta Report in Pictures!

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2012 7:09 am
by Genjitsu
Just some quick responses:

1. Site switcher dropdown - yes, it isn't the most elegant of solutions, so we're thinking about other ways to handle it. The tabs were useful, but they don't fit the new layout design-wise. We also snuck the links at the bottom of every page.

2. Upcoming Convention link on profile - Actually, there seem to be a few people who do put costumes ahead of time, seeing as how Katsucon this weekend has 93 listed:

These are a combination of both costumes that have already been completed and upcoming ones.

3. You're right in that it's more intuitive that clicking on the mascot area would take you to the top of ACP/ACE/ACS, so we're evaluating this too.

4. Grouping daily ranked cosplayers in two columns would make it difficult to see what the order is - do you go from left to right? Down one column and then the next? We could put numbers to offset that, but that wouldn't be as visually appealing. Also, the space to the right of the daily ranking column is reserved for our wonderful sponsors.

Thanks for the feedback though, we'll be collecting more after Katsucon is over and people have had a chance to adjust.

Re: ACP Revision Bug Reports in Pictures!

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:29 am
by BlizzardTerrak
Ok, well I tried to make a comment on someone's cosplay (not sure if it was the specific photo or the costume in general) but when I hit "post" it displayed a blank white screen with "Invalid Costume" as the message.

Re: ACP Revision Bug Reports in Pictures!

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 6:57 pm
by waynekaa
Got it. Can't comment on individual photos.
For now you can comment on the whole costume while we fix that problem. Thanks!