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USA Musume in JAPAN.

Posted: Sat Dec 25, 2004 11:37 pm
by waynekaa
USA Musume's been asked to appear at two Morning Musume/Hello! Project celebrations in Japan! This will mark our debut appearance on foreign shores as guests. I'm sad that I cannot go because I'm saving all my money for the wireless microphones, so USA Musume will be represented by our ~lovely ambassadors~, Ami and Kimi, where they will meet & greet, singing & dancing with Japanese fans. Not only that, but they will be helping them ring in the new YEAR, Morning Musume style in Japan. If you happen to be in Japan at that time, come on down for good times!

Morning Musume Party, 2004.12.29
For more information (in Japanese), please visit the website:
Admission: 1500 Yen (1000 Yen if you cosplay)
DJs: Mari, Kurotee, Vivahiko, Arima, Okite, Gossy, Nomura, Kunio, and Murai.
Place: Shinzyuku Karaoke Pasela 6F
Address: 1-3-16 Kabukicho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo Japan
(Zipcode 160-0021)
More than 200 Morning Musume fans and cosplayers are expected to show up!
Kimi and Ami's appearance is slated to be at 2004.12.30 1:00-2:00 AM with DJ Murai.

CLUB ACID Countdown Party, 2004.12.31
Time: Start at 23:00 - ????
For more information (in Japanese), please visit the website:
Address: 2-3-12, Shinzyuku, Shinzyuku, Tokyo.

Posted: Thu Feb 10, 2005 8:28 am
by Mia-P
Do you guys have pics of the event? X3 I wanna see!! It must of been so exciting *o*

Posted: Fri Feb 11, 2005 6:36 pm
by waynekaa
Yeah! I got to process them! You'll know when I put them up. I'm always big on promoting our updates :D

Posted: Mon Feb 14, 2005 7:20 am
by waynekaa
Pictures are now posted in the OMAKE section! Go check it out!