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WANT TO BUY: Ashe's Dynast-King Sword from Final Fantasy 12

Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2009 10:19 pm
by daystarclarion
Good evening, all. I'm looking for an experienced prop weapon maker to craft Ashe's Dynast King Sword/Sword of Kings from Final Fantasy 12. I emailed my favorite/current contacts and no reply back, so I'm looking to widen the scope of my search. Below are the details about the weapon. I need this for Fanime, at the end of May this year. I know that's cutting it a bit close but I needed to get my taxes done before I could determine if I could pay for it. Kind of important. (No, thank YOU, economy).

Please leave a comment if you are interested in taking this on. Include references for stuff you have done pretteh please. I'm short on reference photos so I may need to bite the bullet and buy a Vaan figurine, which I only want for the sword it comes with (such a lame, lame character). Anyhoo thanks for looking.

The details -

A cosplay I'm planning for Fanime 09 (end of May this year) is Ashe from FF12. I might grab the costume from one of them quality (lolz) last minute ebay stores, because I have intensified my workout/diet and my measurements are fluctuating a LOT right now. But! Ashe would not be complete without one of her 2 custom swords, and for that I need to act fast.

I know I definitely want a sword... I'm not too fond of the one her collectible figure is sold with. That is the Treaty Blade, one of two swords especially made for Ashe. The other is the Sword of Kings, which I do quite like. This is the one I'd love to have. For some reason the Vaan action figure is sold with it. Dunno why but clear shot of a sword? I'll take it! I don't HAVE that figure, of course, because I don't like Vaan much at all. I'm trying to find someone with the Vaan figure who might be so kind as to lay the sword flat and take some pictures. Sorry for the lack of photos... I'm sure they're out there, somewhere, but in an hour on the internet this is what I've found. I figure this should be enough for a quote, though.

Here is a wonderfully blurry picture of it from the strategy guide: ... _Kings.jpg
Here is a shots of the Vaan figure:
Here is the cutscene from the game with the sword:

Sorry if this is a bit short notice... just did my taxes last night and WOOT I can has money now! Plus having the sword on the way is quite a bit of motivation to get back on the workout machines. I'm 5 feet tall, btw, to help put the size of the sword in perspective.

Thanks and please let me know if you require more info to generate a quote.

Re: WANT TO BUY: Ashe's Dynast-King Sword from Final Fantasy 12

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:21 am
by theos1
Swords have different kinds , me i like my fantasy sword, what's the best sword for you and explain why you like it.