Buying Mizore Shirayuki panties for cosplay

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Buying Mizore Shirayuki panties for cosplay

Post by Apollo338 » Sun May 10, 2015 3:21 pm

Looking for anyone who is selling Mizore Shirayuki's cosplay panties from Rosario + Vampire. I can't find any online so anyone with knowledge on how to make them on my own would also be appreciated.

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Re: Buying Mizore Shirayuki panties for cosplay

Post by The_Make_Monkey » Sun Apr 03, 2016 1:39 pm


If you're still looking, I make armors, helmets, and items for cosplayers all over the country.

These would be relatively easy to make and I can even set you up with a few pairs fairly inexpensively.

I'm based out of the Chicago area, relatively cheap, and I insist on the highest quality for your money. I'm actually pushing to make this my full time job, so this is the best time to get it! I'm offering armors, helmets, and functional props for just the cost of material plus shipping. In exchange I get to use the build for promo photos on my patreon. Considering these are panties, I usually appreciate photos of you in the items but these might be too personal for that.

No matter what the series, no matter what the difficulty, we're happy to help.

Let me know your next cosplay wants and we'll make it happen!

Make Monkey Industries

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