Desperately searching for the following items!

Looking to buy a costume or prop? Look no further!
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Desperately searching for the following items!

Post by Machi-chan » Tue Sep 25, 2012 3:13 am

Desperately looking to buy the wand and shoes she has with this dress:


I decided I REALLY want to cosplay this, but I quickly realized it's insnaely expensive with all the pieces, and I don't have enough money D:
So, I'm trying to find someone willing to sell me their used stuff a little cheaper? Or, I guess this would take a lot of trust, but even let me rent it? xD (I could pay a small amount to use it during the con and then ship it back to you afterwards.) The renting option could also be good for someone else looking to cosplay her? We could split the cost or something, and I use it for my con, then ship it to you to have for yours.

I am pretty desperate to get these for less than they are online, so please help ^^;
For the shoes, I am willing to squeeze or wear to big, so long as it isn't a HUGE difference. But I don't care if my feet hurt so long as I can make this cospaly happen! I have always wanted to cosplay Sakura and haven't gotten a new cosplay in 3 years, so I really want this to happen! xD

If you even just have some random red shoes that look...somewhat similar to this...or are just plain red and not heels, they don't even have to look similar, let me know. I'll squeeze into any size I can get my foot in even slightly, and I'll wear too big so long as they don't fall of with every step. I really am desperate xD

Please help me out and if you know anyone who has done this cosplay, get in contact with them!
It'd really mean a lot to me! <3

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