Want to Buy: Ichigo Kurosaki Costume/Shikai Sword

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Want to Buy: Ichigo Kurosaki Costume/Shikai Sword

Post by Dakanaka » Mon May 21, 2012 9:00 pm

I'm trying cosplay for the first time at Anime Expo in LA this June/July. I have my character and idea picked out but I am not liking too many of the costumes I see in stores. I want to be Ichigo Kurosaki when he saves Rukia on the execution grounds (reference photos at bottom). I would need everything of the costume including a good emblem, cloak, rope from emblem and bandages. I would also prefer if it was possibly tattered at the bottom. I see a lot of stores have only one armed bandaged but I would like my forearm and wrist of my other arm to be bandaged also, also some small ones I could wear on my fingers since I am afraid that a hot summer's day while wearing bandages on my fingers would cause them to just fall off quickly. I want the rope and emblem to be of good quality; a thicker rope that is pretty long and an emblem that looks somewhat like the cosplay photo and the reference photo I attached.

I also want his shikai sword made of some convention allowed material (sword pictured in references at bottom). I am a tall guy at 6'3 so I would like the sword to be a pretty large size to match also. I would also like if the person who made the sword to be able to make a sheath that would fit on my back for it, but I would like the outer appearance to be the same bandages as the sword's hilt. I would want the bandages that come from the end of the hilt to be about 6in-12in long.

Feel free to email me at dakanaka10@gmail.com or to post here. I need these by June 25th, I hope this wouldn't be too much of an issue.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_Taezh4ULlfw/S ... ngetsu.jpg

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_Taezh4ULlfw/S ... -rukia.jpg

http://i433.photobucket.com/albums/qq55 ... az9vyf.jpg

http://www.cosplaypower.com/index.php?m ... e&pID=8626


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