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Hello All

Posted: Thu Sep 18, 2008 10:51 pm
by Alucards_Gurl
im new to ACP, but i've been cosplaying since 2005. i have an account on (Angel_Arya999) and also a account (Angel_Arya) im really excited to join the ACP family and i hope to get to meet new people and see some really great cosplays!

Posted: Fri Sep 19, 2008 6:19 am
by Choji Warrior
....You're!!! My Lord Alucard's Gurl!!! It is an honor to serve you! *kneeling*

Welcome to ACP, Ah that is where I remember you, cosplay dot com.

Posted: Fri Sep 19, 2008 9:33 pm
by Nuku15

Posted: Mon Sep 22, 2008 12:26 am
by Alucards_Gurl
thank you both for your warm welcome :)

Posted: Mon Sep 22, 2008 5:13 pm
by Nuku15
no problem :D

Posted: Tue Sep 23, 2008 12:11 pm
by Choji Warrior
Likewise! There is no problem there. :)