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Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2015 11:26 am
by PlentyWolf
New to ACP and new to cosplay. I've been to conventions, but the time I did "dress up," it could hardly be considered a cosplay. I recently had a crazy strong passionate urge to do a genderswapped Yoko Littner (I'm a guy, but I love her!) and won a bid on some pink pants on eBay that I think would look good with some Littner inspired boots I saw (I would love to make the boots, but I'm not that advanced yet nor do I have time to learn how to do stuff that detailed right now). I will be coming here a lot more now that I made an account and have got serious about doing this. Currently looking for just the right belt... Anyways... I'm Chris. Sup?! :lol: :mrgreen: