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What to Do When Your Cosplay Is Played Out?

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2013 5:52 pm
by BlairMLozano
Every cosplayer tend to tracks the latest cosplay information including the newest anime/mange series, comic books as well as the recent cons. When they attend an event, they naturally choose the most popular character to cosplay. So in a large convention, it is common that we can see many participants cosplay the same character, they wear nearly the same costume. If your cosplay is played out what will you do?
You should have a good attitude. You can not be discouraged just because multiple people going as the same character. Cosplay is all about having fun. Others also appreciate the same thing you do and they also want to show their love and support for the Anime/manga like you. Although many people cosplay the same character, there are many ways to make your costume stand out from the traditional character by adding your own unique designs to them. For example you can create an entirely new character of your own through different types of fashion styles such as Lolita, Steam Punk style outfits. Those outfits create their own special uniqueness and allow you play the character you want to without worrying if someone else with the same costume.
Just share something you enjoy with others and if 20,000 other people enjoy it as well then so be it. In the end it just comes down to having fun and enjoying what you do.