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Posted: Thu May 30, 2013 10:51 pm
by PixiDoll
Hi all,

Brand new to cosplay and ACP, be gentle.

Attended my first Fanime, I won't lie it was mostly terrible, with a few shining moments. I'm told next year should be less.... horrid.

Due to some of the fiascos that happened, my personal verdict is still out as to if cosplay and competition is really worth the massive amounts of stress. I know, my current data set is skewed, any one else have better experiences to share? The one I've got is a little broken :-(

I almost declared no more cons ever again ever after the 6 hour wait, and to top it off i never made it into the con that day because the whole time was just spent waiting in line. In total I think I got to see the con for about 3 hours even though I paid for the whole weekend.

My costume was a lot of fun (Sayaka, with a fancy breast plate that was shiny and hard as rocks), I enjoy seeing projects, but.....
I'd love some assurance that my possible future in cosplay isn't going to be so gosh darn awful, please?