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New to AcP AND Cosplaying

Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2012 1:24 pm
by livingloving123
So I'm very very new but I'm trying my first ever cosplay.
Me and my brother are going to Ichibancon as Fire nation Sokka and Katara


So, If anyone has any tips I would love that. So far we have a tunic dress that we're going to dye red and put straps on for My brothers but we dont have anything else. Also, if anyone else is heading to ichibancon, tell me. I wanna see if any other Avatards are gonna be there.

Re: New to AcP AND Cosplaying

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2013 8:32 pm
by Brendon77
Now, your looking is very smart.

Re: New to AcP AND Cosplaying

Posted: Thu Oct 31, 2013 9:32 pm
by Harry1
Cool! I have also some good news to tell you.
A Good news about Harry Potter cosplay costumes
Hello! my fellow friends. I am feeling great honored to be here to tell you a good news about Harry Potter cosplay costumes which I hear from the website-Candle Celestial now. Here are the good news.
Danny Radcliffe, the leading role in Harry Porter's will be in the TV screen showing his face in public again. The second season of "a young doctor's notes" series co starred by him and the "advertising madman" Jo Hamm will be launched on the Sky Arts station on November, the 21th. "Harry Potter" and "advertising madman" with this strange combination will attack again.

The play is an adaptation of the Russian writer Bulgakov's short story and its style is very humorous. The drama starting since 1917 Showed a medical story of the doctor Baum Gad in a border town of Russia. These two leading roles played the same role in the play. Daniel played the part of the young doctor and Jo Hamm starred in the middle-aged doctor. The middle-aged doctor constantly recalled his experiences as a young. So the two stars appeared alternatively in front of the audience. In the 4 concentration of the season , the young doctor was in the 1918 Russian Civil War. He had got to fight the morphine addiction. The inner self analysis is the major point of the film. Daniel seems to be deliberately try to play such a depth of character. Daniel seems to try to play such a depth of character deliberately.
Hope you will like it. Thank you!