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Good morning, Starshine!

Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2011 1:30 pm
by ttucker
The Earth says, "Make me a sandwich, woman."

Yeah. Hey gang!

As if you couldn't tell by the heading and placement of this post, I'm one of the new kids on the block around these parts. Are your spitballs at the ready? Kay, I'm very pleased to meet all of you and I'm hoping I can make some friends here.

So, not that I'm all that interesting, but I guess I ought to write a bit about myself. I am a 22 year old gal-shaped Jerseyan. Yes, I'm from New Jersey, and if you mention Jersey Shore to me I'm going to ignore you. Or injure you. Whichever comes to mind first.

But not really. I kid. I wouldn't hurt a Beautifly. Oh yes, I went there.

Anywhosit, I'm actually a pretty chill and average person most of the time. I've lived in lots of places, the most dear to me being Hong Kong by far, and I quite like my freedom. I work part time as an illustration teacher and volunteer for art-related workshops wherever I can, and I work full-time as a photo lab technician. It's not as fancy as it sounds, trust me. I studied art in Georgia and got my BFA in Illustration. I love art. I really do.

I was a Toonami kid growing up, but I pretty much stumbled my way back into anime in 2008 and eventually discovered cosplaying. I've been doing it since 2009 and it's now a pretty fun hobby for me, especially because of all the awesome friends I've made along the way. Seriously, I don't know what I'd do without them. I guess I should mention that I'm not HUGE into anime. I like it, but I know there are other things in the world. So I don't really know a lot of series(es? serii? Serimus? Where has my three years of Latin declension memorization gone?!) but the series I do know of, I pay attention to rather loyally. Just a handful, and that's enough to keep me satisfied.

Cosplay turned out to be a pretty good fit for me because I'm an arts&crafts-y person at heart, and derpy enough that I don't really care too much what people think of me. As long as I'm having fun and making things fun for those around me. I'm a ham in front of the camera and will pretty much do anything anyone asks me if it's for the sake of comedy. My weakness though, is that my sewing skills are balls. But hey, prop making has really grown on me. I would've majored in sculpture if my school had offered it.

Jesus tapdancing Christ, I just noticed how much I'm rambling on this intro post. But I guess that's usually how it goes. Anyway, pleasure meeting you all! LETS BE FRIENDS. :V Not creepy at all herp herp.