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Hello from Nashville, TN

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2011 1:06 pm
by DocB30tn
I've been on here for awhile for tips but am quite new to cosplay. I only dress up for Halloween and the occassional Renaissance Festival.
I've only had a few outfits that have been outstanding and I'm looking to acquire a few costumes I will keep for the future.
I have mainly amateur skills in most craft working, but willing to learn.

What I've done so far:
Jason Voorhees
Ranger (complete with leather armguards which I bought.)
Pirate-similar but not the same as Jack Sparrow
Zombie (makeup, no prosthetics or elaborate makup.
Freddy Krueger (have real glove, sweater, and cheap mask)

What I'm looking to do:
The Mad Hatter from Alice: Madness Returns
Dr. Angus Bumby/The Dollmaker from Alice: Madness Returns
Card Guards and the Executioner from the game also.
Alex Shephard and James Sunderland from SH: Homecoming and SH 2 respectively.
I know this is a welcome forum but I am posting this here so I can get a response without having to go through pages of forums.
If anyone wants references to what I'm posting here:

Thanks you in advance for any help/advice. I can only offer links and pictures if I should have them already or find them myself.