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Sakura's big day (naruto character Needed for AnimeIowa 208)

Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2008 4:26 pm
by Serenity_Peacecraft
We (Mac Socienty www. geocities. com/mac_Socienty) would like to do Sakura's big day Skit this year at animeiowa. we May do it outside on the balcony part. We were worried we won't be able to do it this year because our thought she wasn't going to be able to go but she's back in so YEAH!!. We still need a many Naruto characters as we can. We will be asking Naruto character when we get there to join in but some parts (Like Naruto, Sasuke, Itachi, Random Fan girls) have speaking parts and we need them early so we and work recording the voices.

Its Sasuke (Naruto) lost at poker to Sakura and they have to get married lol I wrote the skit myself and I got a few people going to be in it but we would love to get more Naruto character if we could. We're going to try to get space at the con this year if not we can do it outside in the back. heres who we got so far if you would like to get in on it please email me here or at, we will be having a meeting in the next month or so about it.
If you would like to read the skit itself I have the scriped on our website heres the link: http://www. geocities. com/mac_socienty/Sakura. d


Heres the updated character list

Sakura (Taken)

Saskue (Taken)

Naruto (open)

Rock lee (Unknown)

Guy (OPen)

Itachi( Unknown)

Hinta (Open)

Ino (Taken)

Kiba (Open)

Other Naruto character (OPen)

Random Fan girls and boys (Open)

We want all kinds of Naruto character so if its not listed dont be scarried to email me and ask me about it...I dont bite...well not hard at least... Sakura's big day (naruto character Needed for AnimeIowa 208)

Posted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 5:52 am
by Itani-Yuki-Uchiha
I'm an Itachi fangirl! and one of my friends is a kiba fangirl!