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Hmm, Bleach..

Posted: Sun May 18, 2008 4:23 am
by Momo-ChanxX
Hallo!! ^^ all right, so I was thinking of getting a group together consisting of A) my friends(highly doubtful they'd go with me)or B) meet up with some peeps.

Characters: Hinamori Momo: Me; Toushiro Hitsugaya: [open], Ichigo Kurosaki: [open] and one other char.: [open]
okay so my lame idea:
everyone: *walking on stage making small talk*
Tou: hey, ever wonder why it's called Bleach?
Hina: Shiro-chan, we aren't supposed to question our title! although it is a good point..
char.1: maybe Tite spilled Bleach on his panels one day?
Tou: *slightly laughing* yeah, exactly.
Hina: Maybe it's Strawberry's hair that gave it the name.
everyone: *looks at Ichigo evilly*
ichi: What..? *Hina and Tou pull out scissors* what the hell are you gonna do with sci-..*runs with everyone chasing after him*

anyone think we should do it, when we get 'we'? or any other ideas? //needing to meet up with a Tou, Ichigo and another bleach character btw, Matsuri Con, or Colossal Con(most likely matsuri)\\

Posted: Sat Jul 26, 2008 6:24 pm
by lolirancar_ririnetto
sounds like a fun idea. ^-^ I kinda like it.
I'd even offer my Matsumoto, but I'm afraid I don't live close enough.