Beware of Denver Costume & Cosplay Society

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Beware of Denver Costume & Cosplay Society

Post by Cosplayer X » Fri Oct 05, 2007 11:16 am

Hello, I’m writing this as a warning to anyone seeking to join a Cosplaying type group like the Denver Costume & Cosplay Society; I would not recommend joining this group. The people who run it can’t be trusted, I know I was in this group for a time when it was the Denver Cosplay Society (DCS) I went to the panel at NDK 2007 in Denver and I resigned up with the group, it cost me $15 to do this I handed in my payment and form, and its been 1 month and I still have not received any confirmation of my payment. Nor have I been able to contact anyone in the group to ask if they lost it. I would have to say that they ripped me off, I know that they will rip you off too if they did it to me they will do it to you too. The people who run this group are the most rude and stuck-up bunch I have ever met at any convention, they think that their costumes are better then anyone else’s and that no one will be able to compete with them. I urge you stay away from the Denver Costume & Cosplay Society, this is a bad group and they WILL rip you off. And I know you will not have fun in a group with people who think they are better then everyone else around them who are just out to make money off of innocent good people. Thanks for your time and I hope that you can find a different group.


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Post by Hemuloki-sama » Fri Oct 05, 2007 2:25 pm

Well, it's a cosplay group for one and I would think the only requirement would be to show up in costume whenever they decide to get together in that fashion.

Just like with regular real world scams, never do something that requires you to pay anything up front. Of course commissioning items are different but with these groups and such, if they charge anything, tell them no and go off and find the other 99% of groups that don't charge anything.
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Post by LadyTenkage » Thu Oct 25, 2007 4:54 am

Umm, are you a member of They have a thread there. And, more importantly, they have their own website. You could likely reach them, there.
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