Looking for cosplayers for a fashion show – California

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Looking for cosplayers for a fashion show – California

Post by KimikoKotomi » Thu Jul 10, 2014 4:29 pm

Hi everyone! I am Kimikotan, an LA based cosplayer, and I have opportunity to show off some original designs in a fashion show as a main event at Anime California, an Anime convention in August! I have roughly 10 designs that need a body to be modeled on. This is a casting call for models -- Read below for the info that you will need!

There are no requirements to be a model specifically! However, you will need to provide your own transportation as I cannot give that to you.
*A fitting pre-con may be required if you are local (OC or LA area), however it will not be completely necessary. A fitting before the show may suffice!
* I’m only looking for women models.
*You also must be 18+ and available on August 24th

How about height?
Please leave your height in the application; I may be looking for taller people to make certain outfits look better! However, don’t be discouraged if you are not tall because I make plenty of things for short people like me!

The convention?
You’ll be getting a complimentary Sunday pass for just dealing with me and walking around on a stage!

Experience required?
Nope! Just be able to walk and preferable in heels. Although if you do have any experience than feel free to say so.

What’s in it for me?
You’ll be a participant in a fashion show wearing a design fit for a cosplayer. You’ll also receive a free Sunday badge and get a photo shoot taken of you in the design. Think of it as something free to add to your portfolio. (Don’t forget the connections and experience!)

Honestly being able to have a fashion show featuring my designs especially to the anime/gaming community is such a dream. If you were reading this and is thinking “yea this
sounds cool” then send me an email! Come introduce yourself and we can get talking!
((Email me the form below))
Email: Kimikotancosplay@gmail.com
Subject line: Fashion Show Casting Call
Full Name:
Size Estimate: (Small, Medium, or Large)
(or actual measurements preferred)
And please attach a picture of yourself (normal) and a link to your profile/site!
If you have any other questions/concerns etc. then feel free to message below or shoot it to me in an email!

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