Looking for Sailor Moon Cosplayers for Otakon 2013

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Looking for Sailor Moon Cosplayers for Otakon 2013

Post by Acronymsoup66 » Wed Apr 10, 2013 11:48 pm

Looking for:
Super Sailor Mars

I am Sailor Moon—champion of love and justice—haha.

If you’re interested in any of these spots, please message me on my cosplay facebook account, as hyper linked above. I do not check private messages near as much as I should (nor do I update my profile for that matter) You can also e-mail me at Acronymsoup66@hotmail.com

I need someone that can stay in costume Saturday from about the hours of 1-6 [subject to change] for photo shoots. Also I need scouts that are adjustable. I’m looking for a very uniformed group because the scouts look so identical, so I can explain what fabric that we used as well as our tiara situation when you message me about being interested.

It doesn't take a very skilled cosplayer, just one that's detail oriented. Also the cosplayer must be able to sew, I have sewed five fukus already and I am done.

Also please message me a few of your prior works, just so I can get a good handle on how you are as a cosplayer. :} Maybe a little about yourself too <3


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