Looking for MODELS for FANIME '12 MASQUERADE!!! *No Exp Req*

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Looking for MODELS for FANIME '12 MASQUERADE!!! *No Exp Req*

Postby memichi » Sun Jan 22, 2012 10:41 am

Hello ACParadise community! :D Currently, I'm part of a group that has an ambitious cosplay project and we definitely need some outside help for our masquerade plan.

You're probably wondering, "well, what is it exactly?". Actually, it is quite a simple task. We need models for the walk-off part of the masquerade.

The cosplay we are trying to make is the entire class from Final Fantasy Type-0: Our group will be working on making the outfits, weapons, and possibly some accessories (unless you are able to provide). All you need to do is wear it for the Masquerade.


As you can see, we need quite a number of reliable models to complete this. My group is a new group and are really determined to pull this off for Fanime 2012! So if you fit our requirements, please let us now ASAP! We highly appreciate it if you can spread the word to people you know who may be interested![/b]

We are currently looking for 5 female models and 3 male models!

*Keep in mind that we're a new group and money is tight for us, so some of our requirements are based on money saving and not be discriminatory. Also other requirements are preferences for the group director's vision, so please respect that and try not to take any offense to it.*

The following are the requirements:
Height: Any height is acceptable
Size: Females-able to wear small to medium sizes Males-slender built, not too stocky, able to wear small to medium sizes
Physical Features: Preferably asian decent and looks close to specific character from the cosplay.
Character: Which FF: Type-0 character you would like to model as (you can submit multiple preferences) http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Final_Fantasy_Type-0_Characters
Area: Must live in the Bay Area or willing to travel to the East Bay area. We can try to provide transportation to the best of our ability or pick up from BART.
Experience: No experience necessary, just need reliant and willing models.
Photo: Submit us a headshot and a fullbody photo of yourself. If you do have cosplay experience, feel free to submit cosplay photos. You can either post it here or give us a link to your facebook or etc.
Fees: We ask for the models to pay $15 per month for 5 months, which will accumulate to $75 total. We understand money can be tight for everyone, including ourselves, so we can take small increments. The fees are so we can buy our materials to make the cosplay.
We are letting you keep the cosplay as well since you are paying for it.

As I previously mentioned, our group will be doing the labor of making the cosplay and are paying for materials as well. However, since our funds are quite limited (we are also investing in doing an artist alley table for Fanime 2012 and are just practically broke college students :oops: ), we need our models be able chip in as well.

If you are interested please submit:
+Your Name
+City You Live In
+Character(s) You Are Interested In (available characters are: Females-Deuce, Cater, Cinque, and Seven, possibly Queen or Sice Males-Trey, Jack, and King)
+Best Method To Contact You

We need to hear from you potentials ASAP! We would like to begin making the cosplay the beginning of February. :o I know this may seem such short notice, but I would like to have submissions ready by January 31st! If needed, we'll keep it open until we have enough models!

I hope to hear from everyone soon and sorry if this was quite lengthy. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here or PM me! Thank you for your time! :D


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Re: Looking for MODELS for FANIME '12 MASQUERADE!!! *No Exp

Postby memichi » Fri Jan 27, 2012 12:57 pm

If you believe you look physically close to any of the characters, despite being asian or not, feel free to make a submission as well. :D

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