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FF7 Skit Input

Post by Tray-kun » Thu Sep 15, 2011 7:05 am

Hey There!

I am looking for constructive input on my FF7 Skit I am going to be doing next month. I have to record the audio for the skit ahead of time so I want to get any last minute ideas in now so my partner and I can record it. So this skit is between Vincent Valentine and Reeve Tuesti both are in the original FF7 game as well as FF7: DoC.
I wanted to go with something humorous, but keep Vincent's normal stoic, serious, brooding character type.
So please take a look and tell me what you think.

Vincent comes on stage Reeve following a few steps behind him.
Reeve: "Why won't you join us Vincent? You helped us three years ago!"
Vincent stops mid stage Reeve almost walks right into him, but back steps to stop himself.
Vincent: Turns and faces Reeve "For the last time Reeve, No! I don't want to join the WRO."
Reeve: Backs up a bit thinking Vincent might hit him. "Why not? You have nothing else to do?"
Vincent: Crosses arms "I do have something to do and it happens to be important to me."
Reeve: "And what could that be? Staring at your dead girlfriend?"
Vincent: Gives cold look. "She's not dead, she's not my girlfriend, and no that is not what it is."
Reeve: sighs "Well then what is it?"
Vincent: "Practicing."
Reeve: Confused "....For what?"
Vincent: Pushes his cloak dramatically and strikes a pose "To be a Model."
Reeve: Nearly falls down laughing and drops Cait Sith. "A-a Model? Vincent you are joking right?"
Vincent: looks at Reeve and smirks "Reeve have you looked at this body? I am built for modeling." Strikes a few more poses before strutting off stage leaving Reeve dumbfounded.
Reeve collects Cait Sith and runs after him "Wait Vincent! Maybe I can be your manager!!!"
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