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Cosplaying in NC and/or in Middle School

Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2010 4:30 pm
by KaoruLawlietUchiha
Are there any Cosplayers here that are from or live in North Carolina and/or are in Middle School or High School? I'd love to hear if there are because the only people in NC I know of are my friends. And I know there is alot of Cosplayers in HS, but what about Middle School? It seems to be overlooked when it comes to cosplay. I am going into eighth grade and it would make me feel better that me and the friends who I basically made into cosplayers aren't the only ones in Middle School, expecialy around here.

Thanks so much!

And yeah, I posted this part somewhere else :oops: , but I added a bit to it that didn't fit here....Hmmmm...... :mrgreen: