KH2 Male Sora Needed (GA Teen)

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KH2 Male Sora Needed (GA Teen)

Post by KH2_Nobody_Kaji » Wed Jun 09, 2010 8:03 pm

I have posted on many sites and have posted many different topics but I will go ahead and post just what I need which is a male Sora...I am going to a con as Kairi and I would really like to have a on previous websites people have asked me if I was a fat chick cosplayer (and I have nothing wrong with heavier cosplayers my best friend is one) and things like that due to lack of pictures...the answer is no I'm not if thats what your worried about, I am actually skinny >.< I am fixing my kairi costume at the moment but when it is done I will post a picture..I am looking for someone from 15-19....
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