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Katamari Skit brainstorming

Posted: Wed Feb 17, 2010 8:56 am
My costume is of a Katamari Damacy Cousin, I'm going as cousin Miso, you know the red one who's head is the shape of a bowl. Well basically, i would walk onto stage (i would go to the very front of the stage), I would tilt my big head, and when i tilt the head the Miso soup will spill out (made out of brown fabric and green and white felt), when it falls out i would drop my Katamari ball. Usually when i tilt the head over the head pulls forward with the weight, i would go as if to fix my head but instead stick a tear drop under one of the eyes (it would be velcro), then i would put my mitten covered hands on both sides of the mouth and slump as if in sadness. after that i just pick up my Katamari ball and walk off stage.

I need to do something after i slump over, otherwise it's kind of lacking something. Do ya'll have any ideas? or should i keep it as is?