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Aisuru Nippon (Looking for Members!)

Posted: Fri Jan 01, 2010 9:45 pm
by Black_Maiko

Aisuru Nippon is a project that is aimed at con goers and those interested in Japanese culture. It's still brand new, at the moment we are just advertising and gaining new friends on myspace. Eventually we will have merch available. It will range from Cosplay/Lolita outfits to Accessories (From Nail Sets to Mini hats). When the merch is available, we will just stick to shipping to USA and Canada. we would love to meet up with other con goers and those interested in Japanese Culture. If you wish to be a part of this, message us. It does not matter if your out of state or live in Canada.

Aisuru Nippon (AiNi) is currently looking for Models and Members ^ - ^ Currently we reside in: Louisiana, Georgia , Tennessee , Iowa, and several others. But as our "about us paragraph states, we take any1 from anywhere in the USA and Canada. Although we're spread out we have 1 thing common : We're a cosplay family ^ - ^!

Currently we have a Fashion Show in the works, a MetroCon road trip, and 2 calendar projects.

Please feel free to contact us @
& (Our temp site )

~ Come Join the family~