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Hard body type to match, need ideas

Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2009 1:40 pm
by Kyengen
AX is coming up and my first pick for a costume has proved impossible due to economic hardships. I'm about 6'3", fairly muscular, wide shoulders, short dark brown hair, not fat (any more anyway) but walking around without my shirt wouldn't make anyone's day. My first costume choice was Ganondorf from Twilight Princess as that's pretty much my body type spot on. But I'm insane and only willing to do that if I can actually forge the armor myself. The affore mentioned economic hardships do not allow for that this year. So I'm looking for a character with a similar build, though less complicated look.

As far as my preferences go, I'm don't mind doing an antagonist costume. But I do prefer a character that wields some manner of melee weapon. No weapon is outside my range and I can customize anything to look like anything else. Weapon fabrication is much easier than armor fabrication.

If anyone has any suggestion, I'd appreciate a picture but just a name will likely suffice. Thanks for the help.

Re: Hard body type to match, need ideas

Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2009 2:25 pm
by Gale
I feel like most of the male characters in Trigun are drawn with relatively broad shoulders, and most of them are tall too. Easiest among them would be Wolfwood, especially if you're the type to go all out (I'd love to see what effort you'd put into Vash if you could afford it!)

Re: Hard body type to match, need ideas

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2009 12:18 pm
by Kyengen
Given my neuroses for making functional or at least semi-functional weapons, Wolfwood would likely end in property damage and criminal assault charges. However it would be incredibly fun to build so I’m not willing to rule it out just yet.

Someone suggested Manji from Blade of the Immortal to me as well. The build isn’t a great match, but it’s not too far off to be discarded. Plus crafting all his weapons in such a way that they could be easily concealed poses an interesting engineering problem. So that’s another option.

Other suggestions are still welcome. I just need to get started on whatever it is I’m doing by next week. Thanks.

(FYI, I considered a Vash thing a few years ago, but the closest I could get to a gun-arm was a collapsing barrel with a spring trigger in the palm to push it up and out. Never did figure out how to do a good Angel Arm though.)