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Looking For Cosplay Ideas/Suggestions Separate Or As Couple?

Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2009 5:19 pm
by AVagabond
Hi, both myself and my gf are going to our first anime convention this year. We're both considering cosplaying, so we're posting here to see what everyone thinks might be a good character match for us (both

independently and as a couple).

She's a Bleach fan and so far she's leaning towards going as Orihime (outfit from the Arrancar arc). I'm not particularly picky on my character, but it would be great if it was something that matched with

her (not sure that I look like anyone from Bleach though)? We're both pretty open to ideas and suggestions, we're looking for a good "match" for us.

A bit of a challenge as we are both on the "older" side ;)


Other relevant info:

32 years old, 190 pounds, 6 feet tall, average build, brown hair, blue/grey eyes deep voice
Personality: conservative, analytic
I always wear my hear short, it's spiky, with a bit of a widows peak. If I wear it longer it still spikes out, and doesn't lie down without a lot of product. Not willing to grow it out much or dye it (need

to be conservative for work) but am ok with a wig for the right match.
I really have no idea what to do for cosplay at all (or if I even should)?
No crossplay. I look great in and am comfortable in a suit. Glasses ok, contacts no.

36 years old, 170 pounds, 5"11, average build, brown eyes, brown/red hair, very busty
Personality: kind, social, slightly naive
Her hair has a slight natural wave/curl, and normally wears it blond with a little natural brown, right now she is wearing it brown/red. One of the pics shows her with dark hair as a contrast. She'd

probably be ok with dying it a "normal" color, but she'd have to go with a wig for "anime" (blue etc.) coloring (again a work issue).
She's not into anything too revealing. Glasses ok, contacts maybe.

Con is in April, so we have some time to order in some stuff, and she's "crafty" so might be able to do some light sewing/customization but ultimately we'd like to order in our outfits/props etc.

Any ideas?

Re: Looking For Cosplay Ideas/Suggestions Separate Or As Couple?

Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 7:57 am
by Choji Warrior
Saga Frontier's Red and Doll if couples time or;
Roufas and Liza or Annie if separate. You have a really good face structure for Red or Roufas moreso on Roufas though. All of these are from the same Video game SaGa Frontier.

As for the bleach based one... Im at a loss. Since Orihime and Ichigo feel like siblings well IMHO, arrancar arc... It all boils down to whoever is in the Soul Society.