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TT_TT needing assistance...plz

Posted: Mon Dec 08, 2008 1:52 pm
by Panda Pooh

Okaiz, I need help looking for ANY Mana-sama cosplay costumes!
I reallie wanna dress up as Mana SO badly but there wuz only one website I knew and the costumez there aren't reallie what I wanted. Does anybody know any website that I may purchase his costumez? I really want to do thiz but I'm basically stuck. I saw sum ppl cosplay Mana on here and I wanted to kno just where the costumez are. TT_TT
Will anyone help me plz?

Re: TT_TT needing assistance...plz

Posted: Mon Dec 29, 2008 12:26 am
by my2wings
i know has done some
you can also always look in the gothic lolita bibles (magazen) they also have patterns in them which is really cool