no idea

Looking for cosplay ideas? Have an idea but need better pictures? Try shouting here!
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no idea

Post by hanajimawashere » Wed May 28, 2008 4:40 pm


that is me

i have no idea and i need ideas before otakon 2008 (WHOO)

well, what you son't see is that i am 6'1" and will not MAKE a costume

no bleach or naruto

no skin

if you have ANY IDEAS THEY WOULD BE APPERICATED my hair might stay shoet and i can dye it any colour

THANK YOU!!! :!:
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Post by Nuku15 » Thu May 29, 2008 9:45 pm

maybe you can dress like Saya from Blood plus maybe

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Post by LavenderSpikes » Mon Jun 02, 2008 9:22 am

Ooh if you're that tall you should do Sir Integra from Hellsing! I've always wanted to see a tall woman doing her :D

She has a couple of costumes. This is the most well known: ... egra01.gif

But personally I think this one is way cooler: ... ntegra.jpg ... ng2ol8.png

For the first, there are lots of places where you can buy it pre-made. The second one couple probably be put together from a combination of riding gear and military uniform parts from thrift shops. Or you can get it commissioned if you have the money *points to website link in signature ;D* by advertising it on the forums. You'd also need a wig.

But if you don't like that idea, how about Arisa Uotani from Fruit's Basket? She's really tall and wears a school uniform, but her version of it has a long skirt: ... 492869.jpg

This would probably be a fairly easy costume to buy, because you'd just need the sailor top, which is the same as Tohru (the lead) wears and is fairly common to buy, and a long navy blue pleated skirt. Again, you'd probably need a wig.

If you're willing to crossplay, there are a lot of tall male characters. Good luck! I hope those help :D
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