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Need ideas!

Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2007 8:18 am
by silentstone7
I'm female, tall and thin, long brown hair, green blue eyes. Looking for a cosplay involving a complicated floor length dress/gown and possibly a weapon or large accessory....something challenging. I'm not afraid of wigs or contacts. Here's a pic. ... P02180.jpg Ideas?[/url]

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2007 7:33 am
by Choji Warrior
Image this is a recolor of Lady Guinevere from Fire Emblem 6.

This recolor in particular has been known to use Swords of the eastern type and uses magic. Recolored by Dreamaway a friend of mine.

Oh and or if you want you can do wig too. This is the Guinevere from the game... Original colors and all.

Or how about Daisy from Super Mario Land? ... arty_8.jpg

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2007 9:38 am
by silentstone7
Thanks for the ideas, but I think I still want something more complex...

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2007 8:51 pm
by Radical Dreamer
you want complex?
Maria from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.
*PC is being dumb at the moment. Can't put up a pic.

Posted: Sat Sep 22, 2007 8:42 pm
by Choji Warrior
Oh Complex!! :) I dont know anyone that challenging to make sorry. But hmm Maria i have seen her she seems up for the challenge.