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Cosplaying Shiranui from Okami, Need suggestion

Posted: Mon May 07, 2012 1:24 pm
by littlewolflover
Hi There,

I haven't been to a convention in quite some time and I decided that I would make my comeback big! I will be making a full quad suit of shiranui from the ps2 game Okami.

Screen shots are pretty rare for this character, as it shows up only twice in the game and briefly in a spin-off game, okami-den. So its been a challenge so far either way... @__@

So curious, in the game, the characters have white tails until they use their powers. In some art they have the black tips others they do not. I'm assuming this is suggesting whether or not it is dipped in ink.

I know it is a small enough detail but I cannot decide~~~ Fur is expensive and it would be an additional $20 in materials to do the black tip tail. I don't really mind the money but I don't want to make this $400 cosplay and make a mistake on the $20 tail... ( like maybe its too much?) Its driving me nuuuuuuutssss~~~~

I'm also open to other suggestions if anyone has any or comments I suppose.... Or if you have some freaking screen shots!!!!!!!!!!