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Cosplay for beginners and all that

Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2011 11:07 pm
by Kappa Lina
:D Howdy Howdy! I'm Kappa Lina, I'm still a tad new to cosplay but I have, I've had good & bad, learned alot and thought maybe I can share some wisdom & ideas. This is based from exp!

First back in 2007 I began to cosplay I was working with Atsuicon (Only 1 year) my job was the mascot, dressing up Iin a bikini/kitty outfit. I learned this....

:idea: Pantyhose are a MUST!!!
:idea: SHAVING your Legs is a MUST!!
:idea: Bringing a jacket is a MUST!! Cause Sunday is for some dang reason colder!
:idea: Bringing a p :idea: urse or a bag for money,door key is a MUST! Cause I learned digging in your costume in such an outfit draws attention & unwanted help!

:!: As I tried cosplay again, I learned to DOUBLE CHECK your bags that you did bring your make up!

I also learned the professional pic takers can be a real RUDE little so & so if you don't cosplay something cool and your a minor character like a school girl,etc. So be patient & dont get discouraged!
As time came I got better but I based my cosplay on my own characters first. Not cause I never wanted to cosplay a known character I just wanted to try it out as a nobody character. I watched cosplayers, some where amazing, some you smile at cause they tried. I cant be rude or mean

So now I am looking at trying characters I love. I daydreamed & daydreamed. I had to get over fear & discouragement. I always felt unless you where Asian or lived in CA you cant cosplay pretty. I felt those who had 50 awards where going to be the only ones to get noticed or I could OnLy cosplay if I could sew & make amazing props.

But I had to get over that fear! A friend encouraged me saying, "Don't think everyone is that perfect as you see in their pics." He said lots of it is airbrush. And also that from his exp, there are snobby cosplayers who bark,growl & hiss to make sure its only them getting the attention. (Not everyone is like this but they are out there)

So now that I am over the fear I feel better! So my advice is if your new , have fun, first time at a con? Just go in a relaxing outfit day 1, dont overwhelm yourself or just make an outfit, buy an anime hat! Relax yourself first!

Once your first con went well then cosplay! :D Remember dont take this too seriously, its all for fun!