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I desperatly need some assistance. T^T

Posted: Tue Apr 27, 2010 10:54 pm
by javaloach
Alrighty, uhm first off my name is Erika. I'm trying to figure out who to cosplay as.
I'm short, around 4'11-5'0. Hair is a bit past my shoulder and black. If you think of a character with a different hair it's fine, I mess with my hair all the time, SO LONG as i'm not bald! Ahem.. I'm very pale .__."
OH I'm a girl haha, uhm eye color isin't an issue, contacts are available.
Uhm as for body type o-o" Abs? Boobies? and uh well that's enough.
I just dunno who to Cosplay as. I kinda wanted to show a little tummy sence the abs tummy is new to me.
Any Ideas? :/