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Help Halloween

Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2009 8:15 am
by Twonkstar

Hi to all i'm thinking of goin out as Ryuk from Death Note for halloween this year and i have no clue where to get any ideas or items for the costume, i already have some big black goth boots so it's just the rest i need help for

Hope to hear from anybody soon

Re: Help Halloween

Posted: Sat Oct 17, 2009 11:41 am
by Andichan
Hey, I know it's been awhile since you posted this but hopefully this can help.

What really helps on this forum to get good information is to 1) post a reference pic and 2) be as specific as possible about what you need help with. (You can't just say "everything")

My suggestion would be to look around at acparadise, cosplaylab, and for Ryuk. See how other people have done it, and look at what you like and don't like about their versions. Get as many reference pictures as you can: front, back, sides. What I usually do is just take screen shots from the show. Then what you do is draw the basic shape of the garment. That way, all the extra stuff doesn't distract you from what you actually need to make - is it basically pants, a vest, a dress? that way you know. Then I buy patterns that are as close as possible to the garment pieces I need (or in your case, with Ryuk, you may be able to buy from a thrift store a similar garment).

There is lots more, but there is a starting point for you, good luck!

p.s. the internet is your friend. comb through these forums, as well as the other sites I mentioned,, and cosplayers' personal sites/live journals, and deviantart. There are so many resources already out there. You just need to know what you're looking for, i.e. "how to make a mask," "how to distress clothes," etc.