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Lavi's New Hammer, D.Gray-Man, I Need Some Help xD

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2009 7:46 pm
by Maruyasha
Well, Im A New Member To This Website So... hello~!

Anyways, Introductions Aside, Over Here In Puerto Rico I'll Be Cosplaying As Lavi Bookman Jr.
On His 3rd Uniform. (Black & Red)

Anywayyyyyyyyys I Need Help With The Hammer, I Need To Make One About My Height.
( The New Hammer Lavi Has )
I'm 5''4 1/2 to 5''5

And I Can't Make It THAT Heavy. But It Has To Be Strong To Withstand People Holding it And Poking It TT-TT

So My Questions To You People Is.

What Materials Should I Use?

Bambu? xD (not saying i will, but it IS strong ne?)
Cardboard etc etc?

Anyways, Thanks For Reading~