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Shugo Chara Amulet Neko Fabric and Pattern Help

Posted: Sun May 24, 2009 4:00 pm
by StrawberryKitty
This year I'm heading to Otakon 09 with my twin Temari9514 as Amu Hinamori from Shugo Chara!(No i did not put a random exclamation mark, its in the title of the anime!)and my sister is attending as either Kukai or Ikuto, One of the days I'm cosplaying Amulet Neko, (reference picture links at bottom of post!)I'm a little confused om what type of fabric to use for the ears, paws and tail, and what I should use for clothes, I thought maybe pleather but I don't know any places to purchase any, and what types of patterns to use? :?: Any help is appreciated!!! :D
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