Need Help with holster...

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Need Help with holster...

Post by lilkillerduck » Mon May 19, 2008 4:52 pm

I got a double leg holster for my Hinata costume (which isn't tight enough so it doesn't stay up, but that's not the point) and one day I was watching a youtube video only to realize...

Image oof that looks painful

Hinata wears a single leg holster. I saw them on QQCosplay and wondered who the heck wore them a while back ^^; but I now check QQCosplay again to find they don't sell them anymore. Can anyone tell me where to find them?
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Post by bluepaws25 » Fri May 23, 2008 11:36 am

not sure where to go, i once got a holster at a ren fair, you can try ebay. and if it doesn't fit, there is a tool you can buy at a craft store that can had holes (not sure what it is called and it's for a buckle)...cuz i have thing legs and when i got my holster it was way to big and so he had to add holes to it so it would fit me, and it even sucks cuz i haven't found a use for it and i've had it for so long, it can hold a dagger...i can't tell to much from the picture, but if you are interested i could take a pick of it for you and send it to you or you can send me a better pick, cuz i'll have to find it sometime this weekend, but hey if it could work for you i could give you a good deal...well let me know...
later, dea
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