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....Rinoa's Angel Wing....

Posted: Sun Nov 09, 2003 11:12 am
by Kira Aso
I need a picture of Rinoa's Angel Wing, also I need some good advice on what to use when I make it. **She thinks hard** Syrophome (spelling) with cloth attached over it? It a thick cardboard with heavy paint over it? I wonder if I even have a sewing machine. I think I do. **Rubs her chin thinking hard.** I DON'T KNOW! Bah, anyways, thanks to anyone who replies in advance.


Posted: Wed Nov 12, 2003 5:12 pm
by +Kohyoh+
you can try party universe or someother party supply store to buy the wings ready-made.... i thought her wings were pics on her cloak?

That's what I thought...

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2003 12:54 am
by Hemuloki-sama
I mean, I thought that they were actually on her back and for that, depending on what type of fabric, I would either paint it on, embroider it (for a more detailed look) or cut out the strips of fabric and sew it on from there.

If you want wings though that attach off her back, you use wire to shape it into the kind of wing you want then cover it with white muslin, then stuff it at the tops to make the bones. Hot glue some feathers on and hook on some straps. There ya go, custom made wings

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2003 6:59 am
by +Kohyoh+
if they are not on her cloak... they have small wings at hobby lobby

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2003 1:36 pm
by Hemuloki-sama
I'm pretty sure they're on her cloak

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2003 3:38 pm
by +Kohyoh+
that's what i thought... but some people do her artbook version... then she has little angel wings

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2003 3:39 pm
by Hemuloki-sama
I'm not sure if I've seen her artbook version

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2003 3:41 pm
by +Kohyoh+
her cloak has buttons instead of a tie... or other way around...
the artbook versions of characters are always kawaii!

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2003 3:55 pm
by Hemuloki-sama
Do you have pictures?

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2003 4:01 pm
by +Kohyoh+
no... :cry: i saw some on cosplaylab i think it was... heh... i get bored in m,y com class at school... so i basically have visited a dozen cosplay sites... but i'm sure cosplaylab had it

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2003 8:00 pm
by Hemuloki-sama
Ah, alright, thanks. I love how we seem to have little chats here and there too all across these boards

Posted: Fri Dec 05, 2003 6:53 am
by +Kohyoh+
lol you're right ... i wish they would have a board on just chating...
i hope your wings turn out!

Posted: Fri Dec 05, 2003 12:39 pm
by Hemuloki-sama
Yea, after all this debate and ideas, Kira should be well off enough to decide which version she wanted and how to go about it. I wish when I started cosplay, the people were this helpful and nice

Posted: Fri Dec 05, 2003 6:12 pm
by +Kohyoh+
heh heh... i'm a first time cosplayer since numa rei-no con just started last year... i found out about the convention on the day before it was to end... packed with all my friends and went... all in a time spand of about 24 hours

Posted: Sat Dec 06, 2003 9:54 am
by Hemuloki-sama
O.o, you're a newbie? Wow! I didn't even know that or guess it! My friends did that with their first con to Jafax. Found out about it, did ghetto costumes and left. It was great. I wasn't invited to that one though since my place was left with Bowen (girl's boyfriend) that didn't even end up going. Dumb bastards.

Posted: Sat Feb 07, 2004 2:41 am
by Bobbi-chan
My first costume was Rinoa, and I'm currently working on a new version 2 years later! Whoo!

Rinoa's wings are placed on the back of her duster. The best way to do this is to simply get a blank stencil (or just some thin cardboard) take an exacto knife and cut the pattern out for the wings. Then place it on one side and paint it with fabric paint. (the matte Tulip kind is the best) Don't use puffy paint or stenciling paint especially... left a nasty green oily stain on my duster! Then let the paint dry, flip the stencil over and paint the other side.

Here's some pictures of what her wings look like:

The last is a sketch I drew. You can try blowing it up and printing it out to use for a pattern if you want.

Also, there's a good site with a very accurate description of Rinoa's costume here: