Suggestions for making Sora's shoes...

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Suggestions for making Sora's shoes...

Post by x__Kairi » Thu Feb 01, 2007 12:15 am

Okay so my friends and I are going as characters from Kingdom Hearts II. And since my friend who is going as Sora is incredibley lazy I'll be making her keyblade, shoes, and ordering her costume.(We can't sew) So I was just wondering how anyone has made their shoes for him? Or if anyone has an suggestions on what to use for them. Thanks!
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Post by beautifuldreamer1289 » Thu Feb 01, 2007 2:22 am

this is just me pulling something out of thin air, but you could try buying some shoes that are too big and like, making the outside look like his shoes and stuffing the inside with tissue so it fits you (er... her). materials to use... once again, random ideas im thinking up on the spot: wonderflex, fosshape, fabric and cottom to give it the right shape (i know you said u cant sew but its really not that hard and sewing this would take much skill i dont think, just in and out of the fabric in a straight line...) kinda like a pillow.

*i just had this weird image of wearing pillows on ones feet... jeez that would be difficult to walk around in...*

i hope i helped a little? you could also just commission em, too
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