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Need help with sewing techniques, or making a 10 ft sword? Seek help from other cosplayers here!
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Cloud stuff

Post by Dantetheblack » Fri Apr 02, 2004 1:43 pm

hey what up, I need some help with a cloud costume, me and a girl are going to do cloud and tifa from ff7 ff7ac/images/cloud.jpg
sry i cant find any other pics
not even sure if that works
well unless you have been living under a rockfor 20 years
you have heard of ff7

you can find pics

plz help--- i dont need wig i have the hair
i have costruction skills so i only need minimal help on sword armour is going to be a bitch though
your new name is Mid-Boss

dood - prinny squad

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Post by Sterling » Sun May 30, 2004 1:02 am

I hope you mean the game. but you can buy the sword and re-detail it. ... TEM=SHI001
you can use plastic or solder on a basket ball and get that smooth round sword-breaker a nice look.

a sweter, parachute pants, leather suspenders, a strap guard, and a toy WWF heavyweight belt painted would do.

for the movie?
uhhhhh.............. a duster split in half??? you got me

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Post by sum_of_a_beef » Fri Aug 13, 2004 8:02 pm

Jus use the AC costume. I think its cooler. Wit all the black and all instead of prpl
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Post by Hemuloki-sama » Fri Aug 13, 2004 9:34 pm

I don't like that site or its Buster Sword. It's not the real length and you really can't take it anywhere to a con...
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