Making a sword prop

Need help with sewing techniques, or making a 10 ft sword? Seek help from other cosplayers here!
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Making a sword prop

Post by Neophyte_Mind » Wed Jan 06, 2016 1:40 pm

It's not my first time cosplaying and it's not my first prop either. But I only have experience with props that have all been extremely large with no small details so I'm kinda stuck here.

I plan on cosplaying Mikaela Hyakuya from Seraph of the End in March '16 for a con but I'd like to get a jump on the boots and sword.

His sword is very long and slender so I considered wood but making the very detailed base of the sword seemed difficult to make out of wood.
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Does anyone have any good sword tutorials or ideas on what supplies I should use? I want the blade to be slender and I'd like to be able to have the handle of the sword finely detailed.

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