(My Little Pony) Octavia Melody Cosplay Help?

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(My Little Pony) Octavia Melody Cosplay Help?

Post by sherlocksviolin » Mon Oct 06, 2014 5:08 pm

So I'm looking for a corset/tank top for a Octavia cosplay for the upcoming New Orleans Comic Con. Octavia is a pony from My Little Pony, with a grey coat and black mane. I'm looking for a half corset/tank top to be worn over a white collared shirt similar to the one in the second link. Could anyone help me find one? (Be warned that I have about 25-50 dollars to spend on this). If anyone has any suggestions on how to make a tail for the cosplay, that would be great too (I'm thinking of modding a wig; need to be told if this doesn't work).
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Re: (My Little Pony) Octavia Melody Cosplay Help?

Post by Meiwaku » Fri Oct 31, 2014 4:26 pm

Many people use ponytail clip wig accessories like the ones from Arda that you can get in any color. You can also mod a wig into it as well, but I think the pony tail clips from Arda Wigs work perfectly because it's just on a butterfly clip.

As for the corset tank I'm pretty useless on that front, sorry man.

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