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Need help with plastic type

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 9:12 am
by Jboucher
Hi everyone,
I'm extremely new to this type of design but I have been working in clay (non costume oriented) for awhile. I'm trying to build a Leopardon costume this year and needed advice on the type of plastic to use. I realize that this question has been answered many times, but I haven't found a response that seem to fit my needs. I want to use some type of hard plastic that is durable and can be easily molded. Since I live in an apartment I have limited room to work. I do have a heat gun that I used for some clay projects and I have a little Alumilite for a small project I did, but I can't vacuum form anything.

Reading other posts I have found that a lot of people are talking about Sintra PVC foam and Wonderflex, but I don't know the best to prion to suit my needs. Additionally, I don't know what thickness would be best when buying the materials.

Please help at your earliest convenience. Since I'm new to this I assume its going to take a long time and wanted to get started as early as possible. Thank you in advance for your assistance.