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I'm a newbie -- would love some advice on robot build

Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2013 9:27 am
by letsgobuffs
Hi! I've been inspired by the show Heroes of Cosplay, so I'm ready to make my first costume: a robot for my son.

I wanted it to look retro, so I thought I'd do a barrel shaped body made of craft foam instead of the usual square bodies. I've read lots of tutorials about how to use and paint the foam, but what I haven't found is how to attach it at right angles. I want to make an oval to rest on his shoulders (parallel to the ground) and then attach the craft foam around it for the body (perpendicular to the ground). I've read that tape isn't good, but it seems like a small bead of glue wouldn't provide enough hold.

Any advice?

(PS - I plan some sweet light up buttons on the front, rivets, switches as well as a cool open faced helmet that will attach to that shoulder oval)