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Want a quick cosplay costume?

Posted: Thu Jul 04, 2013 12:39 am
by BlairMLozano
Cosplay known as costume play can be a time-consuming hobby. Costumes determine whether your cosplay is successful or not. If you want to get into cosplay, but you don’t have enough time to spend a few weeks even months on your costume, what will you do? Don’t worry. There are many ways to solve your problem. Today I will introduce some fictional characters in simple costumes that can be made from some materials you probably already have owned or easily borrow as a last-minute costume
Shaun from the zombie film “Shaun of the Dead”
Shaun costume is a pretty easy costume for men. It includes a white shirt with red ink stain on the pocket (illusion of blood), black dress pants, a cricket bat and a tie wrapped around the head.
Tifa from Final Fantasy VI
For woman, Tifa costume is relatively simple as other character’s outfits. Her outfit consists of a white shirt, dark shorts, suspenders and big boots. Tifa costume is really a quick costume if you have no time to prepare for your costume. The most important is that every female cosplayer can cosplay Tifa well.
Pokemon Trainer from Pokemon
Pokemon trainers costume from Pokeman series are an easy cosplay costume subject because all it involves is a Poke-ball and a stuff toy Pokemon. The Poke-ball can be an ordinary toy. You can buy it from the toy stores. Or you can make it by yourself as long as you make a right pattern.
Japanese School Girl
Many characters from anime dressed in Japanese school girl uniforms such as characters from K-ON. To make a basic uniform can be very easy. You just prepare a pleated skirt and a collared blouse. Then choose a pair of suitable shoes to match your costume.
What do you think about the four kinds of quick cosplay costumes? Do you want to have a try in the future?