Creating "Cosplay Safety" panel - What do you want to know?

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Creating "Cosplay Safety" panel - What do you want to know?

Post by Gale » Sun Oct 16, 2011 5:47 am

I'm putting together a panel on Cosplay Safety. I anticipate running it at Anime Boston and PortCon Maine next year. There is also a possibility I will create one or more segments on this topic for the podcast. In order to bring you what you want to know, though, I need your help!

Overarching topics I'm planning on covering are:
-Maintaining a safe workspace
-General tool safety
-Irons, glue guns, and other hot tools
-Hair, Wigs, & Make-up
-Cosmetic/Contact Lenses
-Your Valuables at Conventions
-Food & Hydration at Conventions
-Hygiene at Conventions
-Personal Safety at Conventions

What questions do you have on these topics? My co-panelists and I will do our best to research accordingly.


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