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Need help with Frost (MK) cosplay

Posted: Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:27 pm
by StarKissedRose
Hi all, I just joined the board literally five minutes ago. I was wondering if anyone could help out by giving some tips or secrets on how to use liquid latex or whatever other means to create this costume. I'm basically starting off from scratch here, only having cosplayed one other time before. The the black body suit Frost from Mortal Kombat wears is what I am having difficulty with. Im not sure on what materials to use, such as liquid latex like I heard from someone else, or if I should try and find a full body suit of latex or leather. Also if anyone knows a great place to get a white spikey wig on a budget would be great too! Thanks!!!

(Tried uploading my reference pic, but it wouldnt work?)